ICEVENTS® Insoles - Men&
ICEVENTS® Insoles - Men&
ICEVENTS® Insoles - Men&
ICEVENTS® Insoles - Men&
ICEVENTS® Insoles - Men&
ICEVENTS® Insoles - Men&

ICEVENTS® Insoles - Men's


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ICEVENTS® Insoles are 100% made in the USA from US materials

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ICEVENTS® Insoles were discontinued as part of our SKU Rationalization Program we ran through the month of February 2024. We know many of the products in our SKU Rationalization had strong followings, but this was a necessary step to meet the ever-increasing demand for our Military and Safety Collection products. LaunchPad email subs got early jumps on all SKU Rationalization announcements:

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Details on our SKU Rationalization Program can be found below:


IceVents AIWB Holster Pad

ICEVENTS® PFM: Now Available from Head to Toe..

"If you take care of your feet, they'll take care of you."

PLEASE NOTE: We're discontinuing ICEVENTS® Insoles, starting with a final order period from 09FEB 2024, 2100 EST to 16FEB 2024, 2059 EST. Orders will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis, with shipping expected within 8-12 weeks, as each pair is made to order. We aim to ship sooner and appreciate your understanding during this final run.  All sales are final. No returns or exchanges.

The long-awaited, much-anticipated ICEVENTS® Insoles for military and law enforcement duty boots, occupational safety, hiking, or any other hard-use application where you are standing/walking for long periods of time while wearing shoes that need ventilated insoles. Anti-microbial at the molecular level, ICEVENTS® Insoles are constructed from the same Stimulite thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) found throughout our ICEVENTS® line of ventilated load-bearing pads, making them absolute magic for your feet. 

ICEVENTS® Insoles (Heavy Duty) - select these for total loads (body weight + gear = total load) in excess of 220 pounds. They are EXACTLY the same as ICEVENTS® Insoles except that we reinforced the honeycomb walls to be a bit thicker for improved support of heavy infantry loads, so they are somewhat stiffer.

Note: ICEVENTS® Insoles provide durable, duty-grade ventilation in boots designed for military, law enforcement, and construction/safety applications. They are not designed to provide any therapeutic value like an orthotic. ICEVENTS® Insoles are a zero drop insole, meaning they are the same height/thickness at the heel as they are in the toe. This makes them ideal for duty boots and work boots, but results may vary based on your specific foot shape/geometry, gait, strike pattern and personal wear preferences when it comes to running, hiking and walking shoes which typically have a three or five millimeter drop from heel to toe. While exceptionally tough, ICEVENTS Insoles are a “durable consumable”’and will wear out eventually.

Sizing: ICEVENTS® Insoles are sizes are listed in US sizes. If you wear a 10.5 in Nike, On Running, Merril, La Sportiva, or Solomon, you will wear a 10.5 in ICEVENTS® Insoles. 

Here is what one of our beta testers had to say about his experience testing

ICEVENTS® Insoles prototypes on duty:

“So I’ve been fortunate enough to test the original prototype insoles since December 2019. Since then, I’ve worn them a minimum of 41 hours a week as a cop, been in multiple foot pursuits, used the insoles in different shoes for hiking and PT, as well as worn them on the range for training in excess of 10-12 hours per day.

To date, the soles have held up, there’s been no breakdown of the material, and my feet don’t feel like the’ve been thrashed all day after wearing them. The material provides for a breathable, cushioned, and most importantly supportive base for your feet during hard use which lends itself to helping your feet stay in working condition.

If you take care of your feet, they’ll take care of you. As a prior infantryman with multiple tours, I can honestly say these would’ve been a lifesaver overseas for me.

Now that the final product is out, I’ll be buying additional pairs for my other pairs of footwear, but I’ll continue running the prototype as they’ve got plenty of life in them.

You need to get these for your feet. You’ll thank yourself later.”

- J. Former 0311 and Current LEO in the Eastern United States


1 x 
ICEVENTS® Insoles (pair)




IceAge Insights


ICEVENTS® Insoles run true to size. If you are installing 

ICEVENTS® Insoles into non-true to size shoes (Lalo, All-Birds, etc) please adjust accordingly. 

ICEVENTS® Insoles can be trimmed to size if necessary. While the butter-smooth ninja-grade perimeter finish will be lost, trimming will not impact performance.


ICEVENTS® Insoles don’t have to be cleaned per se with regular daily use. Should cleaning be required, simply hand wash them with a tiny bit of laundry detergent/soap, rinse thoroughly, then hang until completely dry (preferably in the sun). 

Designed and manufactured in the USA from US materials. Fulfilled from our Knoxville, TN HQ.

For bulk Corporate/Unit/Agency orders of 100+ units or to request a quote, please click here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Brandon Estes (Chase City, US)
Hoping Qore will bring these back one day.

I haven't spent an extreme amount of time in these, and I've also never been one to buy insoles other than what comes in my shoes. So I'm not the best baseline, but i do like these a lot. They provide support and seem to wear in a bit without fully collapsing. I like the durability and I like that there isn't any built in "drop", so they are a neutral thickness all the way around. I prefer zero drop shoes/boots or as close as i can get to zero drop so i'm glad these don't add any extra drop. I did give one pair of these to a family member and he loves them.

Anonymous (Orlando, US)
The best insoles to be discontinued

These are by far the most comfortable insoles I have ever bought. It sucks that they are be discontinued. I have been telling all my coworkers to buy some before it’s too late.

The Merican (Suisun, US)

Absolutely LOVE these insoles. And absolutely bummed out they're discontinuing the product line, honestly feels like a mistake please at least keep the molds and equipment to make em and do a couple runs a year or at least once a year please. Game changer product.

Anthony Pressley (Providence, US)

I absolutely love these things! I’m buying another pair for my other boots. Best insoles I’ve ever used. They have a natural ‘spring’ to them. Perfect

Dorian Yates (Louisville, US)
Instagram Handle: @olddirtychucks

I absolutely love them they are so comfortable my family even bough two more pairs for them selfs

Luke Klein (Los Angeles, US)
Comfy but squeaky

Super comfy and love the support, but they squeak when I walk. Inserted in dammed tachyons.

Hi Luke,
Thank you for taking the time to leave an honest account of your ICEVENTS® Insoles experience. We are sorry to hear about the issue. In the interest of full transparency, we've never had a single report of noise associated with ICEVENTS® Insoles in development, Beta Testing, or in mass production. Would you mind sending us a short video of your ICEVENTS® Insoles inside and outside your shoes showing the squeaking to help us get a sense of what might be happening? Please email the video to Info [at] Qore Performance [dot] com so we can get you squared away ASAP. Thanks!

Troy (Toronto, CA)
Good overall, durability concerns

For context, I am a Light Infantry Soldier, 5' 9", 185 lbs without kit, 280-290 with full kit; ruck, fighting order etc. My initial impression was good, although the sensation was a bit strange. They have a squishy feeling with each step, especially where you put most of your weight. You will have to loosen your laces, or even go up half a size as they are considerably bulkier than most insoles. They definitely made being on my feet all day more comfortable. However, after about 2 months they've lost alot of that squishyness they had when they were new. In some areas the honeycomb structure is completely collapsed, namely the heel and part of the ball of the foot. They are a good product, I do like them, but longevity is a major concern for the people that would benefit from these the most. At the price point for how long they lasted, I wouldn't recommend them. I think I paid about $110 CAD after shipping and import taxes. If they were cheaper, or offered discounted multi-packs to replace them when they wear out, I would continue buying them.

Hi Troy,
Thank you for leaving an honest review of your ICEVENTS® Insoles experience. While we have no control over international shipping, duties/VATs/customs/import taxes as they are strictly the domain of your government, we can help you the products you purchase from us. It appears there is a possibility of a Q/C issues with your insoles judging from the picture you submitted, but we won't know for sure until we are able to inspect them. Please contact our Customer Support Team via Support [at] QorePerformance [dot] com and we'll see what we can do to get you squared away. #StayFrosty

Manuel Cerrato (Alhambra, US)
Best Insoles ever!!

These insoles are fantastic!! I have purchased both the standard and heavy duty and have been using them In preparation for my police academy and they are amazing!

Ryan (Harrisburg, US)
Best insoles ever

I bought the heavy duty insoles to replace the stock ones in my gore-tex Danner Tachyons. I went with the heavy duty as I weigh 220lbs. With my vest and gunbelt I top out around 250 in full kit. After one 12hr shift I was amazed at how comfortable the are. Boots are dry til the start of the next duty day and don't have any issues with dampness like with other insoles I've tried.

Vince (Orlando, US)

I gave these about a month to break in and I feel it doesn't fully deliver. I've read the reviews and read an article that suggested these insoles for users with hot and sweaty feet. I figured it might be worth spending the money but it is not worth $50.

I received a new pair of boots and ordered these insoles. It has helped with killing the odor for the most part. My boots still have a slight odor to them after work, but it's just not as bad. While it may have moisture wicking my feet still remain sweaty, but could partially and potentially be due to my current pair of boots. It did not keep my feet cool as some other testimonies have said.

Despite being thin and lightweight they surprisingly have a bit of cushion to them. However, I don't particularly find the honeycomb design to be comfortable at all as I ended up feeling every hexagonal shape in my soles.

I didn't fully expect these insoles to be ice cold, despite the name, and I didn't expect them to soak up my sweat. But for $50, I can say I am a little disappointed.