IceCase: How to Prevent iPads from Overheating

IceCase: How to Prevent iPads from Overheating

iPads are designed to shut down when they overheat. They stay dark until they cool off. When that happens it can dramatically slow or even stop your business. Money’s lost!

What if there were an efficient, streamlined way to keep your company’s iPads from overheating in the first place? A solution that would go right to your bottom line. Well, now there is just such a solution.

Qore Performance developed IceCase. IceCase is a rugged and affordable iPad case that uses conductive cooling to keep iPads from overheating. Tested and now being used extensively in the Sun Belt summer heat, IceCase keeps iPads working in really, really hot working conditions, just as our IcePlate® -- check out the video below -- keeps your team members cool and comfortable in the blazing sun.

The Design Story

IceCase Gen 1

The initial goal for IceCase was to keep the Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) iPads from overheating during their two hour lunch service rush. We wanted our initial design to have a number of key features: lightweight, ergonomic (to prevent hand cramping), and easy to use. IceCase Version 1 consisted of a light foam chassis to hold the iPad and an IceBloq Cooling Pack.

IceBloq (pictured above IceCase Version 1) is a phase change cooling pack which sits in the tray of the foam chassis, beneath the iPad, conductively cooling the iPad and preventing overheating before it even occurs. Once the initial IceBloq melts, users replace it with a frozen IceBloq to continue absorbing the heat from the iPad. By designing the IceBloqs to refreeze faster than they melt, users are able to rotate the IceBloqs throughout the day for continuous cooling.

Once the IceCase was proven to work during the lunch rush, our QSR partners began extending their usage. They ultimately discovered the value of using the IceCase all day long. However, IceCase Version 1 had only been designed for two hour performance. It just wasn’t robust enough for continuous use. So our resident Mad Scientists got down to work.

IceCase Gen 2

Our team implemented two major design improvements. First, we doubled the density of the foam in the chassis. Second, we redesigned the iPad installation and removal protocol. Version 1 required the user to pop the IceCase in and out of the chassis. In Version 2, the user slides the iPad in and out. This made for even easier swapping out of the IceBloq while preventing wear and tear on the IceCase.

In the field, Version 2 worked beautifully and durably, consistently holding up during all day use. We replaced every IceCase Version 1 with the new Version 2 at no charge to our customers.

IceCase Gen 3

Our commitment to quality did not end there. We then developed a new, durable, hard shell. We designed this to add greater protection for the iPad and chassis. Concerned that the hard shell might take away from the comfort of employees who were using it in the field, we chose a shell material that was extremely lightweight as well as durable.

We sent it out for testing with some of the busiest QSRs in Arizona and waited for customer feedback. By early this year the feedback was in:

Thinking ahead to the summer time, [IceCase is] a necessity with the cooling packs so our iPads don’t overheat. With the hard shells, these things are nearly invincible. - Andrew B. (Regional Manager Dutch Bros, AZ)

Cue Ride of the Valkyries!

IceCase Version 3 was born!  

IceCase Gen 4

Building on the knowledge we have accumulated since 2018 in working with hundreds of the busiest drive thru restaurants across the country, we have developed the most advanced, most versatile, and most powerful iPad cooling case ever. Introducing the all-new IceCase for 2021.

iPad cooling case with sun shade for QSR drive thru, pilots used by Dutch Bros Coffee, Chick fil A

IceCase is a productivity powerhouse disguised as an iPad cooling case that will power your team and your business to new levels of productivity and customer satisfaction. Highlights: 

  • 1-2 hour duration
  • No batteries, ever
  • Menu holder/display
  • Rapid IceBloq replacement
  • Strap Loops for hands-free carry
  • SpeedSlots connect credit card readers, SunShield
  • Powerful conductive cooling, no moving parts to break
  • SwiftClip connection to IceVest, IcePlate® Hydration Backpack

iPad cooling case with menu holder for QSR drive thru

Over 1000 Quick Serve Restaurants have purchased IceCase to keep their iPads working in 100+ degree heat. IceCase promises to increase productivity and worker morale for any industry that uses iPads under high temperature conditions. Email or call us at 703.755.0724 and let us answer your questions!

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