Qore Performance® Stocks IcePlate® MOLLE Combo in Black and Ranger Green

Qore Performance® Stocks IcePlate® MOLLE Combo in Black and Ranger Green

STERLING, VA - Qore Performance® now has in stock a limited production of their IcePlate® MOLLE Combo in Black and Ranger Green. This one-time run of these two color options is in response to customer demand with 90% of the run sold in pre-order. The IMS Flex is a low profile hydration sleeve for the IcePlate® Curve that is compatible with any system that uses a MOLLE attachment panel. The IcePlate® MOLLE Combo packages these two products together for a simple, turn-key hard cell hydration solution. This is the final production run of IMS Flex using traditional nylon material.

Qore Performance® Co-founder and CEO, Justin Li, commented, “Qore Performance® has made this the final production run of the IMS Flex as we know it now.  This summer, we will release an all-new design called IcePlate® Sleeve using our exclusive High Molecular Weight Polyethylene [HMWPE] laminate, which is far more durable, lighter weight, and absorbs no water at all. The IcePlate® Sleeve will have laser-cut MOLLE attachment points, identical to IcePlate EXO®, which further reduces weight and improves ventilation away from the body.” 

In addition to the IMS Flex in Black and Ranger Green, Qore Performance® has also released a one-time run of their popular EDC Coin Purse in Black. The EDC Coin Purse is constructed from their exclusive HMWPE laminate material, using leftover fabric from the construction of IcePlate EXO®. Excess fabric from future productions of IcePlate EXO® will be used for a newly designed MOLLE Cummerbund that will be backwards compatible with all IcePlate EXO® models. 

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