IceVents® Headband Pad - Aero or Classic (PowerMesh backing)
IceVents® Headband Pad - Aero or Classic (PowerMesh backing)
IceVents® Headband Pad - Aero or Classic (PowerMesh backing)
IceVents® Headband Pad - Aero or Classic (PowerMesh backing)
IceVents® Headband Pad - Aero or Classic (PowerMesh backing)
IceVents® Headband Pad - Aero or Classic (PowerMesh backing)
IceVents® Headband Pad - Aero or Classic (PowerMesh backing)
IceVents® Headband Pad - Aero or Classic (PowerMesh backing)
IceVents® Headband Pad - Aero or Classic (PowerMesh backing)
IceVents® Headband Pad - Aero or Classic (PowerMesh backing)

IceVents® Headband Pad - Aero or Classic (PowerMesh backing)

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IceVents® Headband Pad is 100% made in the USA from US materials

1. Length 10.25 inches
2. Width 3.125 inches
3. Height 0.25 inches
Weight 0.9 oz
Like plate carriers, IceVents® are not FR rated

IceVents® Headband Pads augment nearly every brand of ear protection headsets to deliver unrivaled end-user comfort. Its modular and flexible form makes it simple to adapt IceVents® to support your application.

Which pad should I choose? IceVents® Aero or IceVents® Classic?

Choose IceVents® Aero for a pad that fits around the button on the top of your favorite range hat or choose IceVents® Classic for maximum coverage. Click here for details on the difference between IceVents® Aero and IceVents® Classic. We run IceVents® Aero pads on our personal ears at the shop for the contoured fit around the hat button.

Each Package Includes:

  • IceVents® (single) Universal Ventilated Headband Pad
  • 16" of Back2Back Velcro in Black
  • 8" of Loop Adhesive Velcro in Black
  • NOT INCLUDED: Howard Leight Headset, Oakley M-Frame ALPHA, Noisefighters Gel Ear Pads

IceVents® Instruction Videos

Designed and manufactured in the USA from US materials.
Fulfilled from our Sterling, VA HQ. Not subject to ITAR.

Patented: IceVents® Classic USD887,716S IceVents® Classic USD887,717S
Additional US and International Patents Pending.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Ron C. (Chicago, US)
added comfort

very nice bump up in the comfort category, money well spent

D.S.V. (Leavenworth, US)
Instagram Handle: _griswold_family_truckster_
Headband on Battle Belt

I already had IceVents Aero Shoulder Pads for my plate carrier and wanted to add IceVent pontoons. I also wanted IceVents for my battle belt. So, I bought the IceVent 6-pack and added the extra headband rather than buying the IceVent belt setup to save some money. Couldn’t be happier and what difference IceVents make for comfort and heat dissipation. Highly recommend!

Iroquois Pushkin (Sanford, US)
Nice upgrade

Threw these on some Howard Leight Impact Sports and aside from the easy installation, they fit great, add some extra padding and stay cooler!

Zach Holt (Salem, US)
What a Relief

Are years using my Sennheiser headphones, the padding on the headband had began to fail and tear. This would cause my head to be sore and tender even after as little as 30 minutes of use. After installing the Qore headband, not only do I no longer have pain, but I hardly notice the weight of the headphones at all. Amazing.

Adam Lee (Milwaukee, US)
A must have!

I shoot at an indoor range where there is no A/C it gets hot even in the winter. These thing are amazing! I can't wait to take them to my outdoor range because wearing them for 4 hours i know they will now be comfortable beyond any doubt and my head will be cool. Previously bought gel pads too just as amazing. Will buy kits for my son and wife!

Sergio Vasquez (Sacramento, US)
Great product

Used the IceVent headband for two weeks at my agency’s Range Officer training along with some gel ear pads & definitely made a big difference in comfort & air flow. Few other officers asked about it & i sent them the link to your products.... so I’m sure they will be ordering here shortly.

Scot Bruesewitz (Dallas, US)
Must Have Product

If you use headsets of any kind, you need these. Since I've installed these on my headset I can wear them all day without any discomfort. These are GAME CHANGERS and I don't say that about a product very often.

Sal Arroyo Jr (San Antonio, US)
Instagram Handle: arroyo_sal
Great for any headset!

I am thinking outside the box and using this on my headphones (music) for the gym. I workout constantly for long hrs and I have been searching for something that’ll help with how much I sweat. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I’m sure this product will work great with gaming headsets for the gaming folks. A++

Andre N (Baltimore, US)
Instagram Handle: @alnewsome61
Icevents for Hearing Protection AWESOME

The same I received them in the mail I installed them on my Walker’s Slim’s. I like them much better then the cloth ear strap and they are a great addition to Noise Fighters pad also newly installed. Thank you very much.

marie cutts (Gulf Breeze, US)
Instagram Handle: suspicious12u
Waiting to Hear

After initialing contacting your company by message, I was told that I would be refunded my money for the returned headband pad that was not at all what I expected. Since returning the item, I have not heard back that the item was received or seen any reimbursement activity. The “pad” was not a gelatinous, comfortable pad as expected. It was, instead, a very hard piece of waffled coned plastic that as soon as I took it out of the package I knew it was not for me. I feel a better description would help prospective buyers know what they are getting.

Good morning Maria. We apologize for the delay in your refund and we wanted to make sure you know that the return was fully processed and your refund was completed. Providing unmatched customer service is a priority for us, and your return falling through the cracks during our move is not acceptable for us. We have instituted new protocols based on this misstep, so thank you for reaching out and allowing us to be better. Have a wonderful day, and please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you in the future.


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