Best Warehouse Jobs in Knoxville, TN: Customer Experience Specialists (multiple positions available)

Best Warehouse Jobs in Knoxville, TN: Customer Experience Specialists (multiple positions available)

Customer Experience Specialists (multiple positions available)
When you go on a road trip, do you have to be the one to pack the car? Are you the person everyone asks to wrap their Christmas presents? Do you love making things and spaces into neat, tidy presentations? Are you a master of organization? 

Customer Experience Specialists are entry level positions that are integral to Qore Performance®. Customer Experience Specialists create the first physical touchpoint our customers have with our brand by receiving raw materials/components, picking/packing product, and fulfilling orders. As a Direct-to-Consumer (B2C, B2B and B2G) business, the importance of this responsibility cannot be overstated. Our reputation lives and dies with every customer experience. Creating an awe-inspiring customer experience is the most important thing we do after taking care of our team members.

This position is paid, hands-on training, does not require experience, and will provide you with intimate product knowledge. This knowledge and experience will uniquely qualify you to apply for other job opportunities at Qore Performance® after successful completion of an initial one year apprentice period. As a company that strongly favors promoting from within, this is a significant competitive advantage.

Responsibilities include:

Quality Control and Receiving

  • Receive and quality check inventory into warehouse and inventory tracking system.
  • Catalog quantities and keep meticulous records of what arrives and when.
  • Attention to specific detail and excellent record keeping a must.

Product Processing and Finalization

  • Reconfigure incoming Component Inventory from disparate vendors into sellable SKUs.
  • Kitting, Assembly, Light Manufacturing of new products
  • Enact and refine quality control standards set by management and Design Team.
  • Refine, refinish, and process products from vendors to meet customer’s and QPI’s elevated standards.
  • Store product in organized, perpetually sellable condition.

Inventory Management

  • Ensure that inventory is accounted for and easily accessible.
  • Keep constantly accurate inventory counts
  • Take an active role in inventory prepositioning and planning with Sales team
  • Alert management when inventory levels are low
  • Monitor off-site inventory and replenish when inventory is low

Order Processing

  • Monitor orders on an ongoing basis and prepare transparent quantitative reports.
  • Maintain sufficient stockpiles of product to ensure Amazon-level shipment times.
  • Minimize and optimize packaging for customer experience and company profitability.
  • Replenish and plan for packaging materials; suggest improvements to enhance customer experience.
  • Ensure sufficient supplies are ordered to provide seamless dynamic order fulfillment.
  • Pick, pack and ship orders to company standards set forth in training

How Will We Measure Success?

  • Number of unboxing social media posts by customers
  • Number of shipping errors reported by customers
  • Create repeatable, scalable operational practices
  • Build / acquire tools that speed up processes
  • Quickly and diligently address oversights or errors with sustainable, efficient solutions
  • Clearly communicate information with data and clear records
  • Set and enforce high standards for hygiene, tidiness, organization, and excellence
  • Exponentially expand operational capability with constant analysis and improvement

Big advantage if you have a background in any of the following:
Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighter (Urban or Wildland), First Responder/EMT, SAR/CSAR, Backpacking/Hiking, Mountaineering/Climbing, Outdoors, Travel, Food Service, Consumer Electronics, Crossfit, Running/Marathons, Combative's/D-TAC

Click here to learn more about our recruiting process and working at Qore Performance®! 


  • All candidates must have the legal ability to work in the USA w/o sponsorship
  • Ability to clearly communicate in a fast-paced work environment
  • Ability to pass a background check
  • Ability to perform physical tasks required of the job

Compensation: This is a salaried position with full benefits, compensated well above market rates for similar positions.

    Work location: Qore Performance® Headquarters in Knoxville, TN MSA.


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