IcePlate EXO® Training and Competition Package Features and Specs

Light + Strong Built from a unique and incredibly strong hydrophobic laminate that is 14 times stronger than steel, IcePlate EXO® is one of the lightest full duty plate carriers available today. Details, pics in use.
MAP-based Modularity With MAPs (MOLLE Attachment Points) and loop on both the inner face and outer face of each plate bag as well as an open-bottom architecture  IcePlate EXO® is configured for maximum ventilation, modularity and drainage. IcePlate EXO® will not retain water, even under the most intense circumstances.
Medium ESAPI Plate Compatible
IcePlate EXO® fits Medium ESAPI plates. This design synchronizes with either exit port IcePlate® Curve to create the thinnest, flattest, toughest and coldest (or warmest) system ever. Laser-cut MAPs on the inside of the plate bag facilitate evaporative cooling, which can be supercharged with IceVents®.
Unparalleled Customization IMS Pro (optional, above) can be attached and stacked (via MOLLE and/or Velcro brand hook and loop) for streamlined carry of Medium ESAPI armor plates and IcePlate® Curve. Don/doff is easy with a flat and durable quick-release system. IcePlate EXO® also features a ultralight Elastic Cummerbund for superior stretch, modularity, and breathability.

Technical Specifications

  • Weight: Incredibly light at just 17.5 ounces
  • Integrated Cooling/Heating/Hydration: IcePlate EXO® natively integrates IcePlate® Curve and IceVents® to provide both conductive and evaporative cooling and up to 3L of Hydration
  • Vented: internal and external laser-cut MOLLE for unrivaled venting
  • Versatile: MOLLE, Swift Clip, G-Hook and loop compatibility to take any pouch, placard or chest rig on the market
  • Adaptable Fit: Fits a Medium ESAPI (can fit thin Federally-issued 10x12 AR500 Steel SAPI), Elastic Cummerbund works for up to 40” waist
  • Stackable: Multiple IMS Pro's can be seamlessly stacked when wearing, enabling integration of IcePlate® Curve either inside or outside armor plates
  • Strong: Unique laminate is 14 times stronger than steel for the same weight. Click here for details and examples.
  • Hydrophobic: Will not absorb or retain water
  • Load Bearing: Tensile strength of 600+ pounds
  • High Tech: Laser cut laminate platform results in maximum weight savings, precision, and ventilation
  • Modular: Elastic Cummerbund is constructed from 5" elastic that can fit any 5.56 mag, most radios, SOARescue MedMags, or similar in either right side up or upside down configuration.
  • Lightning Fast On and Off: Super fast Aspetto Clips are flat, low profile and strong
  • Safe: Laser-cut Monolithic Drag Handle architecture 
  • Low-Visibility: Elastic Cummerbund with four mag pouches allows IcePlate EXO® to be worn slick, under a jacket or large shirt for concealment without compromise.