Preventing Fraudulent Orders in Online Credit Card Transactions

Preventing Fraudulent Orders in Online Credit Card Transactions

Occasionally, legitimate orders get flagged by our algorithms for fraud. While there can be many reasons, typically we find the same common issues:

  • The Name on the Order does not match the name on the Credit Card. This can happen when someone is sending a gift; the simplest way to let us know this is to add a note to us when placing the Order.
  • The Billing Address on the Order is a hotel or other temporary facility and not a permanent residence; this typically happens when someone is traveling and uses the same Shipping and Billing address.
  • The Billing Zip Code is incorrect; this typically happens when someone moves.

If your order is flagged as fraudulent, we will immediately place your order on hold, then we will reach out and let you know. Verification is tricky, as fraudulent purchasers typically put their contact email and phone number into the order. In order to limit risk, we will default to canceling the order and refund the card used if not remedied in some way within 72 hours.

When an order is fraudulent, the easiest way to get your product cleared and shipped to you is, unfortunately, to place the Order again being sure the items above are remedied. This can result in additional processing fees. As an alternative, you can contact your Credit Card provider and have them contact us directly to authorize the transaction. As every provider is different, results may vary.

Should you have alternative identification mechanisms that can help us verify that the Order is not fraudulent, you can email us 7 days a week at info [at] Our Shipping, Returns, Exchanges, and Cancellation policies can be found here.

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