Holster Platform Shootout: Safariland UBL vs. True North Concepts MHA

Holster Platform Shootout: Safariland UBL vs. True North Concepts MHA

The Safariland UBL (Universal Belt Loop) has been the dominant player in the holster platform space for as long as most of us can remember. Safariland is the original innovator in the space, so this is understandable. Holster platforms and hangers are a critical part of setting up a proper duty belt or range belt, yet they have not seen a ton of innovation in terms of design and engineering until recently with the release of the True North Concepts MHA (Modular Holster Adapter). But, as we all know, new isn’t always better. Today, we take a deep dive into both the Safariland UBL and the True North Concepts MHA to compare them across eight different categories to help you figure out the best option for your setup and your application here on INSIGHTS by Qore Performance®.

IceVents® Aero Holster Pad (Safariland UBL)

IceVents® Classic Holster Pad (True North Concepts MHA)

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  UBL Adapter UBL MHL Adapter MHA
QLS, Direct to Safariland Holsters
QLS, MLS, ELS, Adapt to G Code, RTI, and Blackhawk Omni
Modularity Zero cant without CUBL, comes in mid, low, or high options. VUBL allows for height and cant adjustment. 10 =/- variable cant, low, mid, and high mounts all available on one MHA
Belt woven through, 2” or 2.5” belt size, 3rd party adapt for smaller belts
Mounts to molle or direct to belt, includes hardware for multiple mount options
Leg Strap
Model 3004-1, T.Rex Thigh Strap (ball crusher)
MHA strap kit
$20 per UBL height mount, $25 for CUBL per ride height (high, low, mid) so cost is the same as MHA for identical capability, $18 for Safariland Strap $22 for TREX strap, RGR-UBL (thigh strap model for low ride UBL, QLS included, basically a drop-leg) $63, DFA $72, VUBL $48 = $182 for all capabilities, but DFA is unique
$75 for MHA, $35 for MHA Strap = $110 for all capabilities, but no flex; 
UBL 2.3-3.3oz (depending one size + hardware), UBL Mid+QLS 3.9oz, UBL Mid+QLS+IceVents® Aero Pad 4.2oz, VUBL 5.0oz, VUBL+QLS 6.5oz
MHA 4.7oz, MHA+QLS 6.3oz, MHA+QLS+IceVents® MHA Pad 6.9oz, MHA+QLS+IceVents®+Leg Strap 8.7oz
Height and situation dependent, great with IceVents®; DFA covers more muscle, trapping more heat 
Situation dependent, better with IceVents®, you feel the stiffness which is both good and bad
Available most places you can buy holsters/parts plus Amazon; UBL is ubiquitous, carried by most LGSs and tons of pro 2A online stores which are advancing our rights. It is also available on Amazon, which is super convenient, but it’s Amazon…it’s Jeff Bezos…
Being picked up by more pro 2A retailers
If it is exactly what you want, it can save you significant weight and money (in that order). You aren’t carrying extra capability you aren’t using. But, you might be storing it in your gear bin :) 
Allows for experimenting with mount height and cant, is made of 6061 T6 aluminum so it doesn’t change performance in variable conditions. Different colors available based on where you buy. 
Aftermarket Support IceVents® Aero Holster Pad IceVents® Classic Holster Pad

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