Plate Carrier Weight Calculator: Who makes the lightest plate carrier? (Crye Precision, Qore Performance, Ferro Concepts, and more)

Plate Carrier Weight Calculator

"Ounces equal pounds and pounds equal pain." This is an adage as old as soldiering itself, and for good reason. Nike Co-Founder Bill Bowerman knew that weight was so important, he started his company based entirely on the idea of making the lightest running shoe possible. He figured out that by removing just one ounce from a runners shoe would save 55 pounds of lift over the course of one mile.

Modern kit has come a long way in reducing the strain on warfighter bodies. Unfortunately, modern warfighters have more kit to carry, largely negating the weight savings. Weight, much like the bureaucratic institutions which administer warfighting and thanks to the wide variety of equipment available to the modern warfighter, suffers terribly from "mission creep." Kit can get surprisingly heavy rather quickly.

Enter the Qore Performance Plate Carrier Weight Calculator. This is a mission planning tool that is designed to help you plan your kit with weight and endurance in mind from the earliest phase: procurement. 

Simply select your items below and plan away! We'll be adding more kit and more brands over time, but we have started with our IcePlate EXO® and the Crye Precision Airlite SPC paired with pouches/accessories from our friends at Blue Force Gear and DFNDR Armor.



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