Qore Performance® EDC Coin Purse

Qore Performance® EDC Coin Purse

Introducing the all-new, limited-run EDC Coin Purse.

The purpose of the EDC Coin Purse is to carry currency to go everywhere…places other things can’t go. When we say “everywhere,” we mean everywhere. We’ve flown over 75,000 miles on commercial airlines in the United States to places like California, Illinois, New York, New Jersey and Hawaii. You get the idea.

The EDC Coin Purse is built from the exact same unique laser-cut composite laminate that we use to build IcePlate EXO®. More than 14x stronger than steel for the same weight with a tensile strength of more than 600 pounds, the EDC Coin Purse is hydrophobic, cut and abrasion resistant.

That is why the EDC Coin Purse is stitched and assembled in the same factory as most of the mission-critical free fall parachute equipment used by the U.S. Military. The EDC Coin Purse has your back. Everywhere.

100% Made in USA from American materials.


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