Unveiling the Value: Why ICEVENTS® Technology by Qore Performance Commands Its Price
Go behind the scenes of our cutting-edge ICEVENTS® ventilated load-bearing technology. While ICEVENTS® products achieve the impossible (ventilation under load), making their excellence undeniable, some may question their price. In this INSIGHTS article, we unravel the intricacies behind ICEVENTS® technology, shedding light on why it commands a premium price point in the market. From groundbreaking research and development to its patented status, discover how each facet contributes to the unmatched quality and innovation of ICEVENTS®. Join us as we delve into the ethos of Qore Performance, where every dollar spent is an investment in excellence, empowerment, and performance perfected.
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CATAMARAN FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about the Universal MOLLE Plate Carrier Ventilation Adapter Panel for ICEVENTS®
CATAMARAN allows end-users to mount our best-in-class ICEVENTS® Classic Plate Carrier Ventilation Pontoons to any MOLLE-equipped plate carrier on the market today. Gone are the days of needing to have a uniform tailor sew Velcro loop strips onto your plate carrier to run ICEVENTS® Classic Ventilation Pontoons. Now, you can just add a CATAMARAN in a matter of minutes.

Below we'll be answering the most frequently asked questions about CATAMARAN
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ICEVENTS® Inner Belt FAQ: Frequently asked questions about the new standard for gun belt comfort and capability
We are excited to get the ICEVENTS® Inner Belt out into the wild after two years of development. We’ve had a lot of great feedback and questions concerning its use, functions and improvements over traditional inner belts. Below, we’ll be getting into some of those questions with answers collected from both the Qore Performance team and our knowledgeable beta testers.
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Padded Plate Backer: How to make your hard armor plates more comfortable when wearing your plate carrier
Foam plate backer pads and plate comfort pads are all the rage right now for military, law enforcement, and civilian plate carriers. But, is adding insulating foam to your already hot plate carrier really a good idea? Here is an ultralight, super ventilated padded plate backer option that doesn't use foam, doesn't insulate, is 90% air by volume, and ventilates in every direction. It also weighs next to nothing. This is how to build the most comfortable and most ventilated plate backer pads in the world in about five minutes.
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