IMS (ICEPLATE® MOLLE Hydration Sleeve only)
IMS (ICEPLATE® MOLLE Hydration Sleeve only)
IMS (ICEPLATE® MOLLE Hydration Sleeve only)
IMS (ICEPLATE® MOLLE Hydration Sleeve only)
IMS (ICEPLATE® MOLLE Hydration Sleeve only)
IMS (ICEPLATE® MOLLE Hydration Sleeve only)
IMS (ICEPLATE® MOLLE Hydration Sleeve only)
IMS (ICEPLATE® MOLLE Hydration Sleeve only)
IMS (ICEPLATE® MOLLE Hydration Sleeve only)
IMS (ICEPLATE® MOLLE Hydration Sleeve only)
IMS (ICEPLATE® MOLLE Hydration Sleeve only)
IMS (ICEPLATE® MOLLE Hydration Sleeve only)

IMS (ICEPLATE® MOLLE Hydration Sleeve only)


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IMS is 100% made in the USA from US Materials

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Plate Carrier hydration for elite professionals in austere, no-fail environments.

IMS (ICEPLATE® MOLLE Sleeve) joins our elite IMS Pro (IMS Pro + ICEPLATE® Curve offers Hydration and Cooling/Heating) as our entry-level hard cell hydration pack for military and law enforcement plate carriers. IMS combined with ICEPLATE® Curve (sold separately) delivers external hard cell hydration that preserves a full MOLLE field under heavy loads (AT4s, mortar base plates, commo, guilt from skipping PT, etc.). Unlike soft bladders, IMS is there when you need it most and won't break under stress. IMS wraps all of this capability in a conformal and ultra-thin form factor unmatched by any military or law enforcement plate carrier hydration pack on the market today.

Note: This product is for existing ICEPLATE® Classic and Curve owners and for those wishing to mix and match ICEPLATE® / Source 90 Drink Hose / IMS colors. For a turn-key plate carrier hydration solution, check out IMS Combo





Designed and manufactured in the USA from US materials. Fulfilled from our Knoxville, TN HQ.

For bulk Corporate/Unit/Agency orders of 100+ units or to request a quote, please click here

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Joshua Nagle (Canton, US)
Qore Iceplate System

Ingenuity at its best !! I am currently running this hydration system on the outside of my jpc 2.0 plate carrier. I have yet to put it through any rigorous wear testing, but I can tell you with little doubt that this will meet all expectations. The hydration sleeve is well constructed and very sturdy. The actual Iceplate itself is made watertight and sturdy as well. I had no leaks in any of my connections and the low profile of the system itself is ideal. Great product !! I’m sure that short of falling of a mountain and hitting every boulder and rock on the way down, this system will survive any heavy wear and usage.

JEFFREY Bowers (Wilmington, US)
Instagram Handle: N/A
ICEPLATE MOLLE Hydration Sleeve

I have several on different load outs. Great piece of gear! Modular and versatile so I can use them on a chest rig, plate carrier and I also put them in packs. Hydration doesn’t get any better!

Blane Paltza (Redding, US)
Better than expected

This has been the best hydration device I have ever used. Keeps cold for hours after freezing and you don't have that annoying shaking sound when you run.

Ice plat Molle Sleeve

okay simple, its an outstanding piece of kit, easy to attach, secure, durable......and works great! And! of course if you wanted to attach more stuff to ur back......(debatable as a Airborne guy)......but you can......anyway there...I personally love it

skie crawford (Los Angeles, US)

works great

James Fensom
Great Bit of kit

Was worried it would buckle under the weight of a full Bergen but it’s held up impressively. Hose is long enough to run up and across to the right hand side. Really impressive with the overall quality

Brice Chatley (Franklin, US)
Instagram Handle: @GadzWolf11
Crye Compatibility

I ordered the MOLLE Sleeve Flex to put my IcePlate Curve on the back of my Crye JPC 2.0 with Crye's MOLLE zip-on back panel. While I have it on now and it works pretty good so far, there is an issue with MOLLE compatibility. So, like, the MOLLE sleeve is six (6) MOLLE loops wide, with four (4) MOLLE straps on the inside. Crye's MOLLE back panel is about seven MOLLE loops wide where the IcePlate Sleeve would interface, so it took some time to crisscross the straps and loops in a manner that the two would stay together and the IcePlate could be removed and inserted without issue. In the image, the top MOLLE loops are the sleeve, and the bottom are on the Crye. As you can see, the MOLLE loops don't line up, so the straps have some zigzagging between the two. Other than that, which is not really the fault of either manufacturer, it's a really good product!

Ben Thompson (Atlanta, US)
Great addition!!

After contacting customer service, which was excellent, I received my molle sleeve within days. It’s been a lifesaver and completes my hydration system. Qore Performance is such an amazing company and I’ve had nothing but great experiences!

Michael (Orlando, US)
Excellent piece of gear for any PC

Really strong, good looking, and functional piece of kit that mounts relatively easily (as far as MOLLE goes anyhow). Fits any and all QORE hydration products meant for it and really allows for that mounting of extra gear on the back of it should you want to.

Kanghyun Baek (Seoul, KR)

IcePlate MOLLE Sleeve Flex