Best Duty Belts 2023 (AWS, Blue Force Gear, Ronin Tactics, Lead Devil)

Best Duty Belts 2023 (AWS, Blue Force Gear, Ronin Tactics, Lead Devil)

Following the great feedback we got on our Best Plate Carriers of 2023 video, we're continuing our equipment analysis series with a deep dive of the Best Duty Belts of 2023. Our aim is to inform and equip end users by promoting the significance of evidence-based gear evaluation and emphasizing the role of thermoregulation in boosting human performance. 

For your convenience, we have gathered the Best Duty Belts of 2023 video and associated charts and tables in one place, to avoid any hassle with the YouTube algorithm.


Belt sizing can vary greatly between manufacturers for many different reasons. We have included this handy breakdown below to take the guess work out of investing your hard earned money in critical equipment.


In addition to size, color availability could be an important factor in choosing your duty belt if uniform regulations or blending with your environment are critical factors for you. Below we breakdown the various belts color variants and size range. 

Belt Sizing

Accurately determining your belt size can be challenging, especially when dealing with vanity sizing practices that many big brands use. Fortunately, with a few simple steps, you can find your proper belt size and ensure a comfortable and capable fit.

The ICEVENTS® INNER BELT is available in size 36 at launch, but it will be releasing sizes 34 and 32 over the next few months. This belt comes with added adjustment, which means that the size 36 belt will measure between 36 and 40 inches in length, making it a versatile fit for many waist sizes.

To get an accurate belt size:

  1. Use a sewing tape measure to measure your waist size, or
  2. Use a regular belt that fits you well to mark where the belt meets the buckle, then measure the distance from the end of the belt to the hole that you use with a standard tape measure or ruler.
  3. Use the measurement to choose the correct ICEVENTS® INNER BELT belt size.

By using a sewing tape measure or a regular belt, you can ensure that you get the perfect fit and avoid the vanity sizing practices of big brands. With the added adjustment of the ICEVENTS® INNER BELT, you can enjoy a comfortable and versatile fit that is tailored to your individual needs.

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