Own Your Mistakes

Own Your Mistakes

Last night, I left the office door unlocked overnight and left for the evening. I got lucky.

Justin and I were deep in conversation once the design team went home for the evening, our typical strategic brainstorming differential where we plot out our plans for the next couple of years and poke holes in each other’s ideas. These brutally honest assessments have always led us to a greater place and are fundamental to the way we build our culture. They also require a great deal of concentration and self-assessment, which can take your mind away from the present and your immediate surroundings.

Last night’s conversation was particularly complex and stimulating, and as such, I headed to the back of house without locking up the front. A casual oversight, and an honest mistake. But one that could have had lasting ramifications for the business should someone have come into the unlocked door overnight and violated all that we have worked so hard to build and protect.

It’s a reminder about one of our very first ad campaigns: “Victory is in the details.” No matter how good your mission plan is, you had better take care to tie your shoes. No matter how good your scouting report is, you have to be sure you’re drinking your water ahead of time. Genius strategy without a rock-solid foundation and situational awareness is a one-way path to constant frustration: an ivory tower of theoretical success limited by a lack of accountability.

Last night, I made a mistake that I got away with, but one I will not make again. Think big, explore your ideas, but stay present. Your mission depends on it.

In summary: #StayFrosty.

- J.D. Willcox
Co-Founder and CFO

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