Qore Performance® Media/PR Program for Content Creators

Qore Performance® Media/PR Program for Content Creators

BLUF: yes, Qore Performance® has a Content Creator Program. 

If you are a writer of any kind (blogger, YouTuber, major media outlet, magazine writer, etc.), and you would like to review Qore Performance® products for an article or segment, we have a program designed just for you. Here is how it works:

1. Purchase any/all Qore Performance® IceAge Ecosystem product(s)
2. Once your article/video is published and your backlinks to our website are live, email us a link to your published media with your order number. You must include your order number to receive your full Content Creator courtesy refund.
3. Once we verify your order and that your backlinks to our website are live and there are no 404, factual errors or typos, we'll send you confirmation of your Content Creator courtesy refund.

Who qualifies for the Qore Performance® Content Creator Program? 
Your media outlet must meet all of the following criteria:

1. Covers a subject matter that is relevant for the Qore Performance® IceAge Ecosystem: Military, Law Enforcement, Occupational Safety, Devices (iPads, iPhones), Outdoor, Travel EDC gear. Google must consider you a subject matter expert with high authority in this area.

2. The subject matter of the article must be relevant for the Qore Performance® product featured in the article.

3. Your outlet must have a permanent, searchable digital presence with the capability to backlink to our website. Properties that operate exclusively in print are not eligible for this program. Example: if you have a blog (website or YouTube), that is eligible because both websites and blogs can backlink to our website. If you only have an Instagram account, that is not eligible because it is not searchable and cannot provide a permanent backlink to our website.

4. Your site should have organic website traffic that is equal to or greater than our own. We include social media in this calculation. Social media must consist of a minimum of two of the following: YouTube, Instagram, Gettr, Rumble. Note: we do not count Facebook, Threads, Tiktok, or SnapChat in our calculations. Your combined following should be at least 50k followers with a 2% or greater engagement rate.  

"Why do you guys do it this way and not just send product to people who ask for it?"

Unfortunately, we've been burned more times than we can count by people who make promises they never keep. We don't want to be difficult, but we have a business to run and tens of thousands of customers to serve, so we have to prioritize them. In doing so, we need a mechanism to make sure people hold up their end of the deal since we don't have time to vete every person who writes to us asking to review our products. BUT, if you are serious and you do live up to your end of the deal, we will happily refund your full purchase amount plus shipping as soon as the review is live and the backlinks are verified. 

If you'd like to know more about our philosophies on engagement with Content Creators, Brand Ambassadors and Influencers, click here.

We hope that helps, but please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. #StayFrosty®

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  • Steponesurvival

    Good morning,


    Hello I’m BA with StepOneSurvival a channel for Survivalist, Emergency Preparedness and a Veteran community. I make YouTube show and tell videos for companies like yourself. I’m a licensed Gunsmith and Radio Operator. Would you like to feature any items on our channel?

    Thank you

    Semper Fi

    SSgt B.A. USMC/DAV
    Preparedness Consultant
    SOS 1001 N EASTMAN RD #7514
    KINGSPORT, TN 37664-1667
    United States

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