Heat Injury Prevention Solutions (HIPS) By Qore Performance

Heat Injury Prevention Solutions (HIPS) By Qore Performance

Schedule. Train. Repeat.
Heat Illness Eliminated.

Preventing heat injuries in the field has never been simpler, courtesy of HIPS by Qore Performance. Since 2017, our ICEPLATE® systems, offering cooling, heating, and hydration solutions, have delivered over 6.5 million hours of safe, injury-free work. This groundbreaking technology has revolutionized safety and performance for employees, while significantly boosting profitability and operational efficiency for leading organizations like Raising Cane's, Boeing, Dutch Bros Coffee, Shake Shack, and many others.

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Heat Injury Prevention Solutions (HIPS):

Why HIPS? Heat injuries pose a significant risk to your team's health, efficiency, and future prospects. A single heat injury not only incapacitates the affected individual but also diverts team members to provide care. Consider a new military service member: a heat injury could prematurely end their career, making them ineligible for any outdoor work and placing a financial burden on the organization responsible for their medical expenses and medical retirement, potentially costing millions over a lifetime.

Enter HIPS by Qore Performance: The ICEPLATE® Curve stands out as the only thermoregulation solution effective in all climates—both arid and humid—without adding weight to the wearer's gear. It transforms the water personnel already carry into a consumable resource for thermoregulation, offering hydration as well as cooling or heating during use.

Above: Dutch Bros Coffee using ICEPLATE EXO®-SLK in Arizona to prevent heat injuries in team members while 'line busting' in the desert heat.


ICEPLATE® significantly lowers the risk of heat injuries. By maintaining optimal core body temperature in extreme environments, ICEPLATE® also reduces recovery time from heat exhaustion, ensuring that operational capacity and organizational productivity remain unaffected by austere environments.

In summary, HIPS offers:

  • Prevention of heat injuries

  • Enhanced operational capacity

  • Minimized downtime

  • Reduced costs (Expenses related to incidents, medical care, and retirement)


Above: (Left) Team performance over time when struck with a heat injury. (Right) Manpower / Firepower when a heat injury strikes during operations.

How does HIPS work?

HIPS streamlines heat injury prevention, allowing thermoregulation experts to take over the logistics. Whether you represent a military installation, unit, agency, drive-thru chain, construction site, or any other entity, getting started is an easy three-step process:


To get started, we just need a few details:

Who: The number of individuals needing ICEPLATE® gear. For larger organizations, we suggest ordering a few extras to ensure everyone is covered for extreme weather conditions.

What: Specify whether the gear is for military, law enforcement, customer-facing roles, or safety purposes (e.g., construction, wildland firefighting, EMS, etc.). This helps us tailor the ICEPLATE® equipment for your specific needs, including whether you require cooling or heating capability.

When: The date and duration for which you need Heat Injury Prevention Solutions.

Where: The delivery location for the ICEPLATES®. We can accommodate any address or coordinates.


We'll deliver your ICEPLATES® via cooler-equipped trucks on the day of your field training, event or day to day operations. Our team will then distribute the ICEPLATES® and set up the necessary Qore Performance gear.

Proceed with your training or daily operations as planned. We will supply replacement ICEPLATES® as needed until the reserved amount is utilized. Used ICEPLATES® will be collected for cleaning and preparation for your next event.

Above: HIPS can drop ready to use ICEPLATES® wherever they are needed, be it a street address or map coordinates.


Easily schedule your next training, secure in the knowledge that heat injuries are a thing of the past!

For ongoing needs, multiple dates can be arranged at once. Ensure your team's safety and success with a hassle-free consultation from our experts!

(Please note: Scheduling must be completed 45 days prior to ICEPLATE® delivery).

Services Provided:

- Train the Trainer
Qore Performance will work directly with your organization to ensure understanding of our equipment for maximum ease of use.

- Science
Dive deeper into the science behind thermoregulation, and how it relates to your organization's circumstances and use case.

- Setup
Qore Performance will set your team up for success with the latest in wearable thermoregulation equipment, logistics and long term solutions catered to your needs including freezer sourcing and installation. 

- Deployment / Use
Once HIPS services are scheduled, we take care of delivery and oversee distribution to your team for a seamless handoff.

- Care and Maintenance
Once your team has utilized our services, we handle care and maintenance of all HIPS equipment, meaning no extra work for your organization. Simply Schedule, Train, Repeat.

If you are ready to schedule HIPS or have any questions, please reach out to our team via the button below or contact us at info[at]qoreperformance.com:

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