Thousands of Occupational Safety and Health professionals Discover the Magic of Qore Performance® Products

Thousands of Occupational Safety and Health professionals Discover the Magic of Qore Performance® Products

QPI Co-Founder, Justin Li, rocking our IceVest HiVis Safety Vest in front of our booth as SAFETY 2019.

Justin, Doug and I recently attended a conference in New Orleans called SAFETY 2019. It's run by ASSP, the American Society of Safety Professionals. ASSP is a 38,000-member organization. As they describe themselves: 

“For more than 100 years, we have supported occupational safety and health (OSH) professionals in their efforts to prevent workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities. We provide education, advocacy, standards development and a professional community to our members in order to advance their careers and the OSH profession as a whole.”

They are:

Established: Since 1911, we have been the most respected advocate for workplace safety and health professionals, working hard to advance the profession and the individuals who choose it.
Connected: With more than 38,000 members in 80 countries around the world, we connect safety and health professionals to a vast community of peers, resources and opportunities.
Passionate: Our members are dedicated to making the world a safer and healthier place. We share their dedication and are passionate about helping them achieve their goals.

The executives we met there were actively looking for better ways to keep their company’s employees safe and healthy on the job. Many were keenly interested in heat mitigation. Many companies with leading brands that provide products that you use every day were there.

Those there were more ... cheerful ... than the warriors with whom we interacted at the SOFIC conference. Don't get me wrong. Special Operations are a great bunch. A heroic bunch. Just not an especially cheerful bunch.

Having bad guys shooting at you is not a known day brightener. So... no surprise.  

So SAFETY 2019's attendees showed a lot more smiles. And since I, Kelly, am the smiley-and-convivial type, I felt right at home. In addition, a lot of the executives at SAFETY 2019 were very impressed by the fact that QPI has such a strong customer base in the military. 

They got that QPI's military base must mean that we made products durable enough to use in the most extreme and challenging circumstances. Our stuff is built to stand up in the heat of battle. And does. So, a lot of safety experts gathered around to talk about what our wares might mean for the safety of industrial workers.

Some -- many -- of these companies rely on large warehouses that cannot, as a practical matter, be air conditioned. These warehouses can get hot in the summer.  Working under those conditions often leads to people quitting due to unpleasant working conditions. Even more common was employee fatigue due to the heat. Actual heat incidents – workers passing out were rare but not unknown.

More chronic was the legitimate worker need for frequent breaks, having to cycle in and out to cool off. This consistently took a serious toll on productivity. And productivity is essential to a company remaining competitive ... and profitable.

Many of the people at SAFETY 2019 were formerly in the military.  They would come up to us and say, “Hey, that looks like a plate carrier. But why is it HiVis?” That would spur the conversation where we pointed out that soldiers need to be camouflaged for their safety. Industrial workers need to be visible for safety. So the plate carriers served the same purpose in both cases but using opposite effects as determined by the mission and circumstances. 

That said, there’s an another commonality between military and industrial uses. We designed our IcePlate® to meet the needs of a soldier for agility.  We designed them to keep the space on the sides open, so the wearer can use their arms freely.  This is as beneficial to the industrial worker as to the warrior. It's also comfortable.

We spoke, at the conference, to the representatives of hundreds of companies – many actual decision-makers. We’re now reaching out to continue the conversations, set up pilot programs, and meet the wave of increasing demand for IcePlates® and IceVents® to keep workers cool, comfortable and productive.

And now, for our IceCase, a durable cooling case that keeps your iPad from overheating and shutting down. So we protect your people. That may not be OSH, but how "cool" it is that we also now offer a product to protect your electronics?

It’s great to meet so many people from so many businesses dedicated to the health and safety of their workforces. (If you're reading this, guys, hi!) It’s even greater to be able to offer such simple, effective, affordable, proven products to keep their workers safe and healthy. AND to significantly improve their company’s productivity and profitability! Win-win!

QPI’s products are getting crazy popular.  I’m not really surprised. This is great stuff. Lots of our customers tell me that they can’t imagine how they did without it.

Questions? Email me at and let me answer all of them! We've got your back!

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