Hose Guide

IcePlate® has different hose options to fit your application. We recommend erring on the size of more length, as the hose is easy to cut down to fit. If you would us to fit you with a custom length hose, just send us a message!

Option Details
comes with 32-36" Permanently Attached drink hose.
comes with 6" tube and female Quick Disconnect connection port. For users who wish to use their existing hose or tubing from other major brand bladders (or other IcePlates®).
adds a 21" tube and Bite Valve to the PlugIn Version (27" total length). Ideal for most users that want the functionality of a Quick-Disconnect.
adds a 42" tube and Bite Valve to the Plugin Version (48" total length). Ideal for carrying IcePlate® in backpacks, rucksacks, etc where more hose is length is required.

We recommend the Plugin, Compact, or Extended Version for users that would prefer leaving their drink hose in their kit, or would rather freeze IcePlate® without the hose taking up freezer space.