IMS Combo (MOLLE plate carrier hydration pack)
IMS Combo (MOLLE plate carrier hydration pack)
IMS Combo (MOLLE plate carrier hydration pack)
IMS Combo (MOLLE plate carrier hydration pack)
IMS Combo (MOLLE plate carrier hydration pack)
IMS Combo (MOLLE plate carrier hydration pack)
IMS Combo (MOLLE plate carrier hydration pack)
IMS Combo (MOLLE plate carrier hydration pack)
IMS Combo (MOLLE plate carrier hydration pack)
IMS Combo (MOLLE plate carrier hydration pack)
IMS Combo (MOLLE plate carrier hydration pack)
IMS Combo (MOLLE plate carrier hydration pack)
IMS Combo (MOLLE plate carrier hydration pack)
IMS Combo (MOLLE plate carrier hydration pack)

IMS Combo (MOLLE plate carrier hydration pack)


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IMS is 100% made in the USA from US Materials



Plate Carrier hydration for elite professionals in austere, no-fail environments.

IMS Combo (ICEPLATE® MOLLE Sleeve Combo) joins our elite IMS Pro Combo (IMS Pro Combo is Cooling, Heating, and Hydration) as our entry-level, turn-key, hard cell hydration pack for military and law enforcement plate carriers. The IMS Combo combines IMS with ICEPLATE® Curve to deliver external hard cell hydration that preserves a full MOLLE field under heavy loads (AT4s, mortar base plates, commo, guilt from skipping PT, etc.). Unlike soft bladders, the IMS Combo is there when you need it most and won't break under stress. The IMS Combo wraps all of this capability in a conformal and ultra-thin form factor unmatched by any military or law enforcement plate carrier hydration pack on the market today.





Color Combinations

Each IMS Combo comes in a set color pairing to match your plate carrier. IMS Combos are pre-packaged by our team ahead of time for maximum efficiency (which facilitates package savings), so color combinations cannot be changed. However, an additional ICEPLATE® Curve Standalone in a different color can be added by clicking here. 

To add an additional ICEPLATE® Curve Standalone in a different color, click here.

MultiCam Coyote Brown
Coyote Brown Coyote Brown
Black Ranger Green
Ranger Green Ranger Green



Designed and manufactured in the USA from US materials. Fulfilled from our Knoxville, TN HQ.

For bulk Corporate/Unit/Agency orders of 100+ units or to request a quote, please click here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 102 reviews
Michael Cummings
Great product for field work

The product is great for field work as a law enforcement officer. The only negative I have is that the ice plate is only offered in a 1.5 litre plate. I work in very remote areas of West Texas, and having a larger capacity would be great. There are days where I can hike 10 miles and not be able to return to my government ride to swap out for a different ice plate. Other than that I love the product.

Hi Michael,
Thank you so much for taking the time to share an honest account of your IMS Combo experience. We really appreciate it!

In an effort to empower all of our customers to the maximum extent possible, we thought it might be helpful to share some additional background information on why ICEPLATE® Curve is 1.5L. Here is a link to our ICEPLATE® Curve FAQ, where, if you scroll down to #22, you will find a detailed answer to this exact question:

Additionally, while IMS is an incredibly popular and capable product, it is not consistent with our original vision and the 'why' behind ICEPLATE® Curve. We created IMS at the request of our customers and it is one of our ten best selling products to this day. However, as an external hydration-only solution, IMS deprives users of ICEPLATE® Curves most differential capability: conductive thermoregulation. As you'll see in the link we provided above, when used as intended, as frozen ICEPLATE® Curve can reduce hydration requirements by up to 50%, making it exponentially more efficient than a 3L/100 ounce hydration bladder because you are carrying half the weight for equal or greater physiological performance gains. To help end-users harness this tremendous capability, we created IMS Pro and IMS Versa. This INSIGHTS article provides a detailed comparison between IMS, IMS Versa, and IMS Pro:

We hope this helps, but please let us know if you have any additional questions. #StayFrosty
Qore Performance Customer Support Team

William Rivera (Peoria, US)
Great product and design

This thing is awesome. It attaches easily to my outer plate carrier and when I sit back I don't have to worry about water squeezing out!

Johnny S. (Decatur, US)
Great Product!

Love how compact it is. All parts are high quality. And I can take it out and put it back in without even taking off my plate carrier.

John (East Providence, US)
Great product

Mounted easily to my Agilite Plate Carrier. Very low profile. Easily mounted my radio pouch and Med kit on it. Med kit is a pull off so I can add a pack as needed. Allows for great flexibility. Easy to take the hydration plate out to fill and then reinsert.

young woo kim (Seoul, KR)
Beautiful stuff

No wobbling
No canteen sound
Weight widely spreaded
Full of compatibilities

Work of art

Hermann Angibaud
Super !!!!!

I am french soldier and qore performance is the best !!

MS (Holly Ridge, US)
Convenient but downsides

I wanted a solid hydration carrier that wouldn't throw off the back of PC due to always having a med bag on my back. This is perfect. Minimal profile. Solid design. Streamline on your PC so bags fit fine over the top. My only complaints (besides almost breaking my nozzle probably due to user error) are:
1. The hose is a little long. For LE or others of the sort I'm sure it's no issue. But when you have comm wires and such all over already the length of the hose makes it difficult to store and adds unnecessary snags. I usually tuck it under my front plate now, but going prone causes issues. Second - and I don't see a way to mitigate this with the hard bladder - is the noise. If you drink out of it and say go into a house "tactically" the water sloshing is noisy. No one else has commented and maybe I heard a disproportionate amount since it's on me but it definitely leaves a signature once you've consumed some water. Can see it being perfect for LE, LARPers and flat rangers for sure. Overall though, great purchase and highly recommend. If you don't keep a bag on your back then maybe a soft bladder is a better choice for you. For me, glad I bought it.

Hi Micah,
Thank you for taking the time to leave an honest account of your experience with your IMS Combo. We thought it might be helpful to share a few resources with you in an effort to give you the best experience possible:
1. Regarding the Source 90 Drink Tube - this is actually a collaboration between us and Source Tactical Gear. Though many customers think we make the Source 90 Drink Tube, we do not, so the length is the same as the normal Source Hydration Bladder Tube Replacement and determined by Source Tactical Gear. To address this (we have the same issue with the length), we built Top Mounted Drink Tube Routing Ports into IMS Pro (couldn't do them on IMS b/c it uses regular nylon) to consume the extra slack when needed. Details can be found on the IMS Pro product page and in this chart:
2. Your observation on the noise is also common, so at the request of some customers, we conducted a noise test of all of the hydration system types on the market today. The results may surprise you, but you can view them all here in both article and video format:

We hope that helps, but don't hesitate to let us know if there is anything else we can do for you. Thanks for your support! #StayFrosty

Justin goupil (Dana Point, US)
Instagram Handle: Jaymangoupiey

I love the whole set up, I have it in the back of my kit however the Velcro is not entirely great at supporting the water container when full. Multiple times it slipped through the Velcro and fell out while I was running a range. The other issue I have is sometimes water doesn’t always come out. My hose has been a hit or miss at times. But this product primarily does the job

Austin Munsie (Dallas, US)
Instagram Handle: Hopefullyitsahollowpoint
Amazing product

Easy to setup, helps conserve space and overall great quailty product

Ernest Rivera III
IMS Combo (ultra-thin hard cell plate carrier hydration pack

I used this pack for this first time going to basic SWAT school. It held up in terms of durability. I was in various positions all day from my back to moving through obstacles. It never came off my carrier or got damaged to the point of failure. I did freeze half of it to keep my water cold and by noon it was thawed out. I should have froze 3/4 of it and added water on our breaks. I really liked it because when others were looking for their water bottles, all I had to do was grab the hose and drink. It’s built good and I did not have any problems with it. It was easy to assemble and attach.