Long Term EDC Bag Review: Vertx Transit Sling

Long Term EDC Bag Review: Vertx Transit Sling

We get a ton of questions all the time about different gear that is compatible with our products: EDC bags, plate carriers, body armor ventilation, plate carrier hydration, weighted training vests, etc. So we thought it would be super helpful to do a review on some of the gear where we get the most questions, starting with the EDC and the Vertx Transit Sling.

POU: Philosophy of Use
EDC with off-body carry. Insert massive boos and haters throwing shade at off-body carry. Read my font: I don’t care. Off-body carry is comfortable and that means it will be with me all the time. If that doesn’t make sense to you, I can’t help you. Close the window.

I’ve been using the Vertx Transit Sling everyday for about 18 months now. I used to use the Vertx Gamut backpack. It worked, but I found that it was just a little bit too big for my day to day needs. Commuting to and from the office didn't warrant a full backpack. The Vertx Transit Sling presented itself as something that was a lot more convenient and easier to manage on a daily basis. 

I prefer keeping my EDC as light and minimalist as possible, consistent with a lot of our design philosophies here at Qore Performance® which are rooted performance enhancement through thermoregulation. The Vertx Transit Sling strikes a nice, if imperfect, balance. It does have some shortcomings, and they're important ones...especially for those with a mind toward performance optimization and thermoregulation. Smart thermoregulation starts with a few foundational principles with weight being one of them.

The Vertx Transit Sling weighs 2.7 pounds and is about 16 inches tall. This is a good height for carrying a number of important things like my MacBook Pro 13” and iPad Pro, but not being so big where it gets in your way. It is extremely convenient for the draw and much better than the large backpacks like the Gamut.

Diving into the bag, we'll start from the front and go towards the back; starting on the outside, away from the body, moving in towards the body. This outside flap-covered MOLLE field is probably one of my favorite features of the bag that I think that Vertex did well. It is this outside pocket that is able to conceal my most frequently used tools.

I do run this panel fully closed every day because it's not super easy to open. But I think that is by design. This front flap is actually a U-shaped zipper that allows you to conceal this MOLLE field that's hidden underneath. On this MOLLE field, I use Ten Speed Pouches by Blue Force Gear. These are easily my favorite pouches on the market given how lightweight they are and their incredibly low-profile. These attributes, along with how perfectly they fit my Silent Pocket Simple Card Wallet and EDC Coin Purse, make them perfect for this EDC application.
I don't want any of these things visible, but I do want them to be easily accessible. Again, not super easy to close this panel, but I think that's a good thing because you don't want this panel to be easy to open and close. You want this panel opening to be deliberate.

So what is in this outside pocket? First, I keep a set of bamboo cutlery that I picked up at REI about ten years ago. I think single use plastic is super wasteful and horrendous for the environment. Maximizing utility is a foundational principle here at Qore Performance®, so this bamboo cutlery fits the bill perfectly. These things go through TSA, no problem.

Next up is my SOG Aegis EDC knife. I love this thing. I've had for about six years and lovingly sharpen it with an Edge Pro Apex. Phenomenal knife: I cannot recommend it highly enough and it wasn't even super expensive.
Next up is my Streamlight ProTac 1L-1AA. I love this light. Small, compact and now with dual fuel single battery format, I think the form factor is perfect. I know some people out there say that they've had problems with Streamlights on duty, but I have not had the same experience.

I was issued Streamlights by my department (who issued almost 5,000 total Streamlights to all of us) and we had no issues with them. I know, your mileage may vary. Other people may not like them, but I love them. So that's why I still trust and carry a Streamlight in my EDC and on almost all of my weapon lights.
Next to the Streamlight ProTac 1L-1AA is my Thyrm CellVault. Pretty self-explanatory: it carries spare 123A batteries.

Below the Thyrm CellVault, I've got my old cuff key tucked underneath here in the Vertx MOLLE field underneath these Blue Force gear TenSpeed pouches.
Up next is my card case, but not just any card case...an RFID shielding card case by Silent Pocket. This is easily my favorite wallet of all time. It is high quality,  delivers a phenomenally clean and simple look, while still protecting all of your stuff which I think is hugely important. I can't say enough great things about Silent Pocket. If you don't have one, click on this link go buy one and tell them we sent you. These things are the bomb.

As I mentioned previously, one of my TenSpeed pouches carries my EDC Coin Purse, which is a product that we make here at Qore Performance®. I absolutely love this thing. I designed it to fit a personal need: what do I carry when I go behind enemy lines to states like California, New York, Maryland or Illinois?
For those of us who didn’t retire with HR218 benefits, this is a phenomenal tool to be able to keep safe while carrying change. The TenSpeed pouch by Blue Force Gear carries the EDC Coin Purse so well, it is like they were made for eachother.
The main compartment opening is large, but it doesn't open all the way where things fall out. If the bag were smaller, I would probably want it to be able to open all the way to access all the contents. If the bag were larger, I would also want a full clamshell for two very different reasons, though. But for this particular bag, this size, this design, I think this accordion opening is great.


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