How Drive Thru's Work: Is line busting “faster?”

How Drive Thru's Work: Is line busting “faster?”

Yes, but speed is just one of many benefits of line busting compared to conventional drive thru window service. Let’s take a look at the three main benefits of line busting:

  1. Line busting is certainly faster given that slow downs can occur at any given fixed location. Think about customers trying to count out their cash, get a card out, open their app, an order not being ready, first time customers who need to read the menu, etc.
  2. Line busting provides customers with a sense of speed while actually providing them with upgraded service and you with significant improvements in store-wide optimization.
  3. Line busting helps order takers on your team to optimize and accelerate customer orders, unique combinations, upsell tickets, and discuss promotions with customers.

Summary: line busting is faster and is a win for everyone: customers, employees, and operators.

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