IceVents® Aero Holster Pad (Safariland UBL)
IceVents® Aero Holster Pad (Safariland UBL)
IceVents® Aero Holster Pad (Safariland UBL)
IceVents® Aero Holster Pad (Safariland UBL)
IceVents® Aero Holster Pad (Safariland UBL)

IceVents® Aero Holster Pad (Safariland UBL)

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IceVents® Aero Holster Pad is 100% made in the USA from US materials


IceVents Aero Holster Pad

Performance under pressure.

The all-new IceVents® Aero Holster Pad eliminates the pressure point (hotspot) created by the Safariland UBL (Universal Belt Loop) on the nerves that control your lower leg. Despite weighing next to nothing, the IceVents® Aero Holster Pad also provides stand-off ventilation and is fully optimized for the Safariland UBL (our favorite holster adapter because of weight and simplicity). The mount height/placement can be adjusted for use with or without leg straps.

IceVents® Aero Holster Pads are available in black only, no other colors are planned. They are almost completely covered by your UBL, so even if we made these in Coyote Brown, nobody would see your ninja-ness.

If you have a True North Concepts MHA, click here for the IceVents® Classic Holster Pad.

IceVents® Aero Holster Pads can only be secured to the Safariland VUBL/QUBL via the included Adhesive-backed Hook Velcro Square. The Velcro OneWrap band is not compatible with the Safariland VUBL Adjustable Platform or the Safariland QUBL Universal Belt Loop because of the adjustment mechanism, leaving the adhesive-backed Hook Velcro as the only attachment method. Running the adhesive-backed Hook Velcro only, without the OneWrap band, works for some customers with lighter applications, but it is not something we recommend for full-use, hard duty applications.


1. Length 5.25 inches
2. Width 3.25 inches
3. Height 0.32 inches
Weight 0.3 oz
Like plate carriers, IceVents® are not FR rated


1 x IceVents® Aero Holster Pad (hook-receptive loop backing)
1 x Adhesive-backed Hook Velcro® Square (2" x 2")
16" Velcro® One-Wrap (black)*

*The hook-receptive loop fabric is designed for ventilation and has a lighter hook/loop adhesion than you might be used to for military-specification Velcro®. It is strong enough to secure the IceVents® Aero Holster Pad to your holster platform since it is pressing up against your leg.




**IceVents® Aero Holster Pad is not available a la carte to international distributors.**

For bulk Corporate/Unit/Agency orders of 100+ units or to request a quote, please click here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
Talon Zeboski (St Louis, US)
Perfect for Duty Use

My safariland UBL mount was killing my hip and thigh in squad car. Extreme unbearable pain when sneezing as I'd flex. After quick install and use I have not felt an once of pain. It's been phenominal for long days patrolling or going and working on calls. I would highly recommmend for professional law enforcement use

Benjamin Schulz (Roseburg, US)
Stop the pain.

Before I got the holster pad, I would have constant leg pain from my holster pressing into my thigh. I was hesitant as to how much it would actually help, but after wearing it for a month, my leg pain has pretty much disappeared. Totally worth the money.

Keith Alexander (Aurora, US)
Didn't Know I Needed It

Saw an ad or something for these. Got one and added to my holster. Feels way more comfortable! Didn't even know I needed this but I did. Got one coming for my ear pro as well.

Christopher Miles
Instagram Handle: camiles77
Great start

Great start, could use some minor tweeking. I bought this, because I was expiriencing some numbness on my gun side. I recommend the shaping be shaped more to the entire platform. I was getting a good amount of contact around the belt hole portion of the platform so I am still expiriencing some numbness. Otherwise great product.

Hi Christopher,
Thank you for taking the time to share an honest account of your IceVents Aero Holster Pad experience. The belt loops on the Safariland UBL are definitely a problem. While our IceVents Duty Belt 3-Packs are a complete solution for the entire duty belt, if you only need relief from the UBL belt loops, all you’ve got to do is pick up a single IceVents Aero or IceVents Classic Ventilated Headband Pad and attach it to your duty belt. Easy day! The solution is pictured in the IceVents Aero Duty Belt 3-Pack product page gallery here:
You can pick up a single IceVents Aero or IceVents Classic Ventilated Headband Pad here:
Hope that helps, but we’re here if you need anything else!

A N D Y (Phoenix, US)

This is a must have addition to your gear. Makes my rig so much more comfortable. Perfect fit for the mid and low rides, the high ride needs a little adjusting but it also works.

Nicholas Shirley (Edwards, US)
Wished I had bought this sooner

Probably one of the best comfort mods I’ve ever tried to my kit, never even realized how annoying my holster was till I put this on and realized it’s amazing

Travis (Arlington, US)
Very nice!

Just enough padding not too much bulk. Very nice!

michael lawrence (Buckeye, US)
Exactly what I needed

Was looking around for padding for my UBL and stumbled across Qore performance. Ordered and arrived within a few days. Took it to the range and it performed flawlessly (no digging or hotspot). Will definitely order another for my other UBL. Highly recommend.

Owen McPhillips (Omaha, US)
Eliminates the pain

The Safariland UBL is a wonderful concept, but the back of it digs painfully into the outer thigh. This pad eliminates that pain, allowing the holster to be worn comfortably for hours.

J. (Aberdeen, US)

I was ready to ditch the UBL for a different holster option because of how uncomfortable it digging into my hip was. Saw the aero pad and was skeptical but figured it was cheap enough to try and would be a lot easier than switching to a whole different holster system. I was pleasantly surprised to find that after adding the aero pad I can wear my holster for hours without it becoming uncomfortable whereas before I'd be feeling it and adjusting it within half an hour. I think this is a must have for anyone with a UBL that plans to wear it for any length of time (I did use both the velcro stick on and the strap for mine).


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