Golfing With Qore Performance® - Part 1


Recently Qore Performance® co-founder J.D. Willcox and I played nine holes of golf at a local municipal course. During our drive over, we were discussing Qore Performance® gear, how I use it during my round, and the benefits I get from using it. Our conversation transitioned into the game of golf in general, and all of the mistakes and little details I believe the average golfer misses out on during their rounds. My contention is that the average golfer could lower their score by 3-5 strokes on every round if they just changed their approach to the game. No swing changes, no lessons, nothing. Just better decision-making and the game would be more enjoyable. We decided, instead of me simply writing about Qore Performance, golf, and game improvement, we would film it, that day, on a whim. Here’s what came of it. Hope you enjoy Part I, and please let me know your feedback.

The day started around 85 degrees, sunny, with a little bit of wind. One of the things golfers and customers ask me all the time is, “How do you remember to bring your Cooling Inserts from the freezer?” My answer is simple, when it comes to golf I don’t. I leave my Inserts and often times my Sleeves, in my bag after the round. I keep a water bottle secured to my bag, so the only thing I need is some ice and a little water from the snack bar (which is always free). Even if you’re running late and don’t have time for the range, or the putting green, you can still have your Inserts ready to go by Hole 2. We shot a couple videos below so you could see exactly how easy it is to get your Cooling Inserts charged up for use.

 *A little disclaimer here. Because I was so terrible at dumping the ice into the bottle, I had to make a second trip to the snack bar for more ice, and a little bit of water. Ice water is the fastest way to charge your Inserts.

After the 1st hole here’s how easy it was to cool off for the rest of the round.

Obviously if you are riding in a cart, this process is even simpler. Most carts these days come equipped with a cooler on the back or side, so you can simply throw the inserts in the cooler, and have them ready at your disposal. There are some carts without coolers, in this case I simply grab a bag of ice from the snack bar (usually used to keep adult beverages cold on the course) and throw it in the basket on the back of the cart. Note: beverages can be held in the bag of ice/cooler at the same time as our inserts :).

After the 4th hole of the day, it started to get downright hot. Temps peaked just above 90, and although the humidity was only around 40%, it really started to feel warm. JD had brought a few cooling inserts from his house in a cooler, so we shot this quick little video to show an additional way to use our products.

Through five holes, we had played in just over an hour, and my Cooling Inserts were ready to be changed. Having the water bottle ready with my backup Inserts was nice! Here’s a video of me on the 6th tee box swapping out my inserts.

*Note that by this point only a little ice remained in my bottle, these inserts lasted the rest of the front 9, and had we played more, I would have simply added more ice to the bottle, and had my original two Cooling Inserts recharged by the end of the 10th hole.

We have tried to make the process simple and easy. So whether you’re a walker who leaves his/her inserts in his golf bag, or simply you forgot to charge the Cooling Inserts before you left your house, you can have cooling in less than 10 minutes with ice water.

At the end of the round I felt great. I wear Qore Performance gear in almost every activity I do. It would be easy for me to tell you I wear it because I have to, or because I’m supporting my company, our retail partners and customers, and those would be good reasons. The truth is it gives me an advantage over my competition. Not only do I feel cooler, I use less energy, stay more hydrated and therefore more focused than my opponents. I never get tired at the end of rounds anymore. I don’t “zone out” late in the round on hot days, and I have the energy and endurance I need to hit tough shots late in rounds when it counts. I challenge any golfer to wear our gear and not love it. Besides, it’s risk free. We offer Free Shipping and Free Returns, so if you want to improve your game and your enjoyment on the course, give our gear a try, you won’t be disappointed!

As you saw in the footage I was wearing our Full Arm Sleeves, in black, with four Cooling Inserts on a day over 90 degrees. They also come in White and Blue and provide some pretty impressive UPF 50+ sun protection as well. Check out JD’s arm after the round without the Full Arm Sleeves. OUCH! 

For anyone who cares, I have been playing golf for nearly 25 years; I take no practice swings, rarely read putts, and often talk while I swing. I have been a low single digit golfer for the past 15 years, and enjoy golf 100% of the time. For those keeping score, both JD and I played pretty well during the shoot, on an easy public track. JD shot 35 even par, and I finished at 33, with a terrible bogey on the first hole.



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