Welcome to the Qore Performance® Blog – A Letter from Inventor and Owner Justin Li

Our mission here at Qore Performance® is to enhance human athletic performance through Arterial Thermoregulation (active cooling and heating at the Pulse Points) in the heat of battle. The fundamental drivers behind this philosophy are the desires to win and to liberate. I’ll be sharing stories here on our blog from my experiences in law enforcement and athletics that will shed light on our mindset, our philosophy and our company. Along the way, we’ll hear from other Qore Performance® family members like Aaron Marco and Don Parker and many others who protect our great nation, but also those of our dear friends and allies abroad.  We’ll also hear from top athletes like Sam Fuld who depend on Qore Performance® to keep their game sharp when competing at the highest levels of pro sports. I hope these stories are the start of some great conversations, so please share your thoughts with us in the comments section here on our blog or any of our social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube and join us on this exciting journey!



Inventor & Owner | Qore Performance, Inc.

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