HQ2: Building A Superhuman Future Starts Here

HQ2: Building A Superhuman Future Starts Here

We are currently moving into our all-new HQ2 located at 416 Troy Circle Knoxville, TN 37919-6106. Although we have prepared for this move in advance, this move may cause some delays in production, restocks, and shipping times. Naturally, we will do everything possible to mitigate this impact on you, our valued customer. As most of y'all know, customer trust is never something we take for granted. We anticipate the move over to HQ2 from our temporary facility will be complete by 01MAY 2024. We greatly appreciate your understanding, patience, and support while we make this move to advance our vision for Building A Superhuman Future® for American Security and American Prosperity. 

Above: the future fulfillment warehouse at HQ2. This new fulfillment space will be capable of handling 10x the order volume of our previous temporary facility here in East Tennessee and will give us "direct injection" capability for expanded same-day shipping.

We will have a Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting once we are all moved in. Date TBD. Click here to sign up for LaunchPad emails to stay in the loop and get the invite. ICEPLATE EXO® and Enterprise Customers will get special, VIP privileges at the Grand Opening.

Above: shooting the launch video for the all-new ICEPLATE EXO® Gen 3 in our brand-new IceAge Studio with 30 foot Infinity Wall. Note the studio lighting rig lattice on the roof for future productions.This new studio space cost approximately $1,000,000 alone, independent of the warehouse, building, offices, land, or rest of the facility. Qore Performance HQ2 is located in the beautiful Westmoreland Heights neighborhood of Knoxville, TN.

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