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Startup Life: Staying Healthy Doing The Qore Hustle

May 20, 2015

Most of your don't know me personally, so let me fill you in on my life for the last 18 months: I joined Qore Performance, got engaged, and had shoulder surgery. The confluence of these events meant that I was busier than ever, working at a startup and planning a wedding, while simultaneously being unable to be physically active. Staying at the top of your game means taking good care of yourself, and it would have been easy to let that aspect of my life languish under the weight of my responsibilities. Instead, I focused my love and passion for cooking, into a love and passion for healthy cooking. If you can't be physically active, then the easiest way to...

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Golfing With Qore Performance - Part 1

May 15, 2015

  Recently Qore Performance co-founder J.D. Willcox and I played nine holes of golf at a local municipal course. During our drive over, we were discussing Qore Performance gear, how I use it during my round, and the benefits I get from using it. Our conversation transitioned into the game of golf in general, and all of the mistakes and little details I believe the average golfer misses out on during their rounds. My contention is that the average golfer could lower their score by 3-5 strokes on every round if they just changed their approach to the game. No swing changes, no lessons, nothing. Just better decision-making and the game would be more enjoyable. We decided, instead of me...

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Personal Arterial Cooling

An innovative new way of giving you more energy during your activity, based on timeless science. We pair high-tech cooling inserts with premium base layer shorts, sleeves, and shirts to provide targeted and highly mobile active pulse point cooling. This keeps you cool, hydrated and focused and gives you a performance edge with zero compromise in mobility.