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Qore Performance™

The Short, Sleeve, and Pack System
that cools or heats you while you play

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Cooling or Heating during your match

Summer’s heat and humidity. Winter’s bone-chilling cold. Temperature can be an athlete’s worst enemy. Our pulse-point technology supercharges your body’s natural cooling and heating process to give you greater performance and keep you hydrated, so you’ll spend less time on the sidelines and more time doing what you love.

Feel the difference

Science that makes sense

We don’t use fancy fabric names or diagrams to try to convince you there’s a temperature difference. We cool and heat the body using timeless First Aid principles given to first responders and military personnel treating hypothermia and heat stroke casualties in the field: apply cold packs or heat packs to the pulse points.

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Beat the Heat

By combining high quality moisture wicking fabric, optimally chilled cooling packs, and your body’s natural pulse points, we’ve created the world’s most advanced and flexible cooling solution for any activity. You’ll be comfortable and more hydrated in even the most extreme conditions.

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Conquer the Cold

Leave those suffocating thermals at home. The same shorts and sleeves that house our revolutionary cooling packs aren’t just for hot summer days. Instant hand warmers become full body heaters when they’re held in place along those same pulse points, effortlessly warming both your extremeties and core all day long.

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