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Turkeys and Deer and Qore Performance, Oh My!

April 22, 2015

It seems like every day during my discussions with friends, family, customers, partners, and strangers someone is always saying to me, “You should also reach out to INSERT RANDOM SPORT/ACTIVITY HERE users. They would love and need your products.” It’s one of the advantages of having products with unlimited applications and benefits like we do at Qore Performance, we’re able to ebb and flow with the demand of new opportunities. A while back, my friend Jake first told me this same thing as it related to hunters. He went on at length about how he was using our products to stay warm in his tree stand during a harsh Virginia winter, and how hunters are the perfect users because of the...

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Innovation and Recent Recognition

April 02, 2015

Innovation Finalist Interview with J.D. Willcox, Co-Founder, Qore Performance, Inc.

Qore Performance has been honored with some great recognition lately, and we have been asked to present at prestigious venues from the World Health Organization in Geneva to the White House. Among these honors, Qore Performance is a finalist in the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce's Greater Washington Innovation Awards​, which celebrates thought leadership, innovation and creativity of individuals and organizations across select industries. Check out our Co-Founder J.D. Willcox's blog post on innovation from the Chamber's blog and #GetQdUp!



Personal Arterial Cooling

An innovative new way of giving you more energy during your activity, based on timeless science. We pair high-tech cooling inserts with premium base layer shorts, sleeves, and shirts to provide targeted and highly mobile active pulse point cooling. This keeps you cool, hydrated and focused and gives you a performance edge with zero compromise in mobility.

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