Why we don't build MultiCam Black

Why we don't build MultiCam Black

Above Photo Credit: UF PRO

MultiCam Black is all the rage these days. Customers used to ask us almost every week if we have plans to build this product or that product in MultiCam Black. We got this question frequently enough that we felt a single article answering this question might be helpful.

BLUF: No. We have no plans to build any of our products in MultiCam Black.

Why: MultiCam Black is not used in any operational environment by any professional users other than making an occasional cameo on SEAL Team CBS. We love Master Chief Hayes as much as anyone else, but seeing Bravo Team wear MultiCam Black in a California desert just outside the SAG Studio Zone masquerading as a fictional far away land shooting pretend bad guys is as real as the idea that we would comply with Vaccine Mandates from Sleepy Joe.

MultiCam Black is great for things like hoodies, hats and vehicle wraps because that is where it belongs. It is fashion, not function. 

Our focus is on Building A Superhuman Future for American Security and American Prosperity. To do this, we must maintain an absolute, unyielding focus on use cases where we can weaponize temperature to improve performance and survivability in our continuing quest to liberate humans from the constraints of their environment. This mission places a huge premium on function over fashion, leaving MultiCam Black in the dark.

That said, should professional users start issuing MultiCam Black and/or using it in the field, then we will absolutely build our products in MultiCam Black based on demand. But until then, our color palette will remain MultiCam, Coyote Brown, Black, Ranger Green, and Wolf Grey for our MIL/LE line; Safety Yellow and Black for our Safety/Devices line; and a variety of fashion-forward colors for our SPORT (Snow Physical fitness Outdoor Recreation Travel) line.

We hope that helps, but let us know if you have any additional questions in the comments below or by clicking here.


  • Jim

    I agree but if the people want it build it. Make a crap ton of sales based on color alone, lol. Yup. Make that money.

  • raphael raphy

    Now, I do understand and agreed why you don’t build MultiCam Black.

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