ICEVENTS® Inner Belt FAQ: Frequently asked questions about the new standard for gun belt comfort and capability

ICEVENTS® Inner Belt FAQ: Frequently asked questions about the new standard for gun belt comfort and capability

We are excited to get the ICEVENTS® Inner Belt out into the wild after two years of development. We’ve had a lot of great feedback and questions concerning its use, functions and improvements over traditional inner belts. Below, we’ll be getting into some of those questions with answers collected from both the Qore Performance team and our knowledgeable beta testers.
ICEVENTS Inner Belt gun belt upgrade for military, law enforcement, civilian and competition shooters on a Blue Force Gear CHLK gun belt.

1. When will the ICEVENTS® Inner Belt be available for sale?

Available now and already popular, we frequently sell out of ICEVENTS® Inner Belts. The best way to stay up to date on the release of the ICEVENTS® Inner Belt or any other of our products is to sign up for LaunchPad. ICEVENTS® Inner Belt restocks Friday 17NOV 2023 at 2100 EDT, exclusively to LaunchPad email subs. Click here for information on how to be notified of the restock. 

2. Will this work with my current gun belt?

Blue Force Gear, AWS, Lead Devil, Ferro Concepts, whatever your range/duty/gun belt of choice is, as long as it has hook fabric on the interior, it will work with ICEVENTS® Inner Belt.

3. Will the ICEVENTS® Inner Belt work with a contoured outer belt?

Yes. We worked closely with our friends at Blue Force Gear to match the curvature of the ICEVENTS® Inner Belt to the Gen 2 CHLK Belt and all-new GRID Belt. 

4. Will the ICEVENTS® Inner Belt work with a straight outer belt?

Yes again. The ICEVENTS® Inner Belt works with both curved and straight outer belts. In fact, during our testing, all beta testers found this curved inner belt shape more comfortable than a traditional straight inner belt.

5. How does the closure mechanism work?

Working closely with our friends at Blue Force Gear, we have made the closure mechanism identical to the one found on the stock inner belt that comes with the CHLK and GRID for seamless integration and interoperability. This also results in up to four inches of additional adjustability per size.

6. How much adjustability do the G-Hook loops give?

The stated size of the ICEVENTS® Inner Belt (32, 34, 36) is from the middle G-Hook loop. The sizing adjustability range is two inches up and two inches down from the listed size. 

7. ICEVENTS® Inner Belt duty pant belt loop compatibility

Regardless of who makes your issued or personally purchased duty or range pants, ICEVENTS® Inner Belt has you covered. The belt is quite malleable compared to traditional stiff nylon inner belts and will comfortably fit through most belt loops with little effort. The near universal fit extends to popular outdoor, denim, casual, and skate wear brands allowing you to get the most out of your gun belt, regardless of what you are wearing. See our table of confirmed fits below for quick reference.

Duty Pant Belt Loop Compatibility with ICEVENTS® Inner Belt
Blauer 4 Pocket Polyester Pants
5.11 Tactical
5.11 Apex
5.11 Taclite Pro
5.11 Fast-Tac TDU
5.11 Defender Flex
5.11 Stryke
5.11 Women's Stryke
Triple Aught Design Force 10 RS Cargo Pant
Kuhl RYDR Pant
First Tactical V2 Tactical Pants
Propper Kinetic Tactical Pant
TRU-SPEC 24-7 Series
Levi's 514 Jeans
Levi's 505 Jeans


ICEVENTS INNER BELT belt loops compatibility

8. Is this a true inner belt or more of a battle belt pad?

The ICEVENTS® Inner Belt was designed to be the future of inner belts, so it can be a dedicated inner belt or an outer “battle belt pad.” The choice is yours and we have elite, professional end-user employing the belt both ways with great success. A solution to hot spots and discomfort while wearing a gun belt for long hours on duty or otherwise. To this end, the ICEVENTS® Inner Belt isn’t simply a pad as seen on older battle belts, but an evolution past the long unconsidered and uncomfortable stiff nylon belt. 

9. What kind of material is the ICEVENTS® Inner Belt made of?

Our proven ICEVENTS® padding, now as a monolithic belt. ICEVENTS® ultralight ventilated padding features proprietary Stimulite thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). This impact-absorbing honeycomb technology promotes airflow under kit while dispersing load and is trusted by tens of thousands of U.S. and Allied military, law enforcement, security contractors, and prepared citizens. The exterior is covered with OneWrap overlay for adhesion with hook-lined outer belts. For the November restock, we've added a new binding for added strength and to prevent delamination. 

10. Will this be good for LEO duty style belts that use belt keepers?

Yes. You can run the ICEVENTS® Inner Belt with keepers behind with no issue. The loop on the belt is naturally grippy however, so may not need them if your hook isn’t worn out. See image below of the ICEVENTS® Inner Belt fitted through Blauer pants with keepers on.

11. Can the ICEVENTS® Inner Belt be used for CCW?

Theoretically, yes. However, the ICEVENTS® Inner Belt was designed to bear weight and distribute the load of a duty belt (OWB) style set up. If adjusted tightly, it could function as a standalone belt but this use case is untested and not what ICEVENTS® Inner Belt was designed for.

12. Why does the ICEVENTS® Inner Belt carry such a premium price point when most inner belts are a fraction of that price?


Often imitated. Never duplicated. ICEVENTS® technology is extremely expensive to produce…like medical and aviation grade expensive to produce. There is a reason the material can be found in the cockpit seats of some of the world’s most advanced aircraft like the 787 Dreamliner, 747-8 Intercontinental, F/A-18 Super Hornet and V-22 Osprey. With omnidirectional ventilation, a molecular composition that is inherently antimicrobial (this means it is not a treatment and cannot be washed away), and an architecture that is 90% air by volume, ICEVENTS® performance and capabilities in the field are simply unmatched. This is all done 100% here in the US from US materials. When we say “For American Security and American Prosperity” we mean it.


Every other inner or outer belt in the world (except CHLK and GRID from Blue Force Gear) are built using conventional, rolled nylon webbing as a base. Rolled loop fabric (or rolled Velcro® brand hook for the premium brands who know what they are doing) is then stitched to the rolled nylon and mated with a closure mechanism to make a belt. This makes conventional inner and outer belts extremely simple to manufacture both at cottage/boutique volumes and at full scale enterprise volumes. While easy construction means there is almost no barrier to entry for making regular straight duty belts, material costs lowers that bar even more. As an example, a 50 yard roll of 2” nylon webbing can be purchased online for about $70. Assuming you used four feet of webbing from this roll, a typical inner or outer belt starts with a material cost of roughly $2 TOTAL for the base material. We can stop there. No need to belabor the point. You get the idea: construction is easy and materials are cheap.

By contrast, our ICEVENTS® technology is completely different. Without revealing trade secrets, our ICEVENTS® are built using extremely expensive and complex tooling (also fabricated here in the US from US materials) to craft individual monolithic forms of ICEVENTS® TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), then permanently bonded with ultra-thin layers of various premium Velcro® or breathable micro-mesh fabrics to create finished ICEVENTS® products.  


ICEVENTS® Inner Belt uses a curved geometry that precisely matches the Gen 2 CHLK and GRID Belts from Blue Force Gear. We gladly sacrifice manufacturing optimization to achieve this contoured geometry that makes it so comfortable to wear. Yes, we did test a straight design, but 100% of our active duty, retired and veteran Beta Testers who helped us develop the ICEVENTS® Inner Belt told us the curved geometry was far more comfortable than the straight geometry, regardless of whether it was paired with a curved or straight outer belt. For those familiar with our company and our brand, you know that we believe in compromising as little as possible. If the curved form is better for the high-performance end-user, then that is what we build.

Target Customer

The ICEVENTS® Inner Belt is for serious, high performance professionals who value excellence over everything else. This mindset applies equally to military, law enforcement, and prepared citizens. Excellence, and the pursuit of it, are profession and mission agnostic. The ICEVENTS® Inner Belt is not for hobbyists or collectors.

13. Will this be coming in a Tan/Coyote color?

Just black for the foreseeable future. The outerbelt will cover the entirety of the inner belt when worn.

We use a custom hook-receptive loop fabric because of the breathability requirements for our ICEVENTS® line. This requires significant scale and is extremely expensive to do here in the US. As a result, we will only produce black unless we get a major enterprise or government contract to produce another color. If uniform regulations are a concern, take solace in the fact that our first run has been entirely unit orders.

14. Can the ICEVENTS® Inner Belt be worn over outer layers?

Yes. The ICEVENTS® Inner Belt can be worn over clothing in addition to inside of belt loops. ICEVENTS® grip onto clothing more efficiently than nylon while also providing stand-off ventilation and padding.

15. Will there be a hook version for loop lined belts?

There are no current plans for a hook-backed version because there are so few loop-lined belts on the market compared to hook-lined belts.

16. Could you custom make ICEVENTS® Inner Belt to fit my uniform/other requirements?

Details on custom projects can be found on our INSIGHTS blog, via 'Does Qore Performance build custom product solutions?'.

17. Does the ICEVENTS® Inner Belt have any stretch to it? I find belts that do to be more comfortable.

We agree! Yes, ICEVENTS® do have some stretch to them. We'll be posting a video from our chief beta tester for this project next week which will provide even more detail about topics like this. In the meantime, see for yourself below the stretch and malleability of the ICEVENTS® Inner Belt.

18. How do I figure out what size ICEVENTS® Inner Belt I need?

Accurately determining your belt size can be challenging, especially when dealing with vanity sizing practices that many big brands use. Fortunately, with a few simple steps, you can find your proper belt size and ensure a comfortable and capable fit.

Watch our 60-second quick start guide below and read on to determine your true fit belt size:

The ICEVENTS® Inner Belt is available in sizes 32, 34, and 36. This belt comes with added adjustment, which means that the size 36 belt will measure between 34 and 38 inches in length, making it a versatile fit for many waist sizes, clothing types and weather conditions. 

To get an accurate belt size:

You will need:

  • A length of string or 550 cord sufficient to wrap around your waist.
  • A measuring device (tape measure or yardstick).


1. Wrap the string around your waist, starting from one end.
2. Ensure the string overlaps without slack—taut but not overly tight.
3. Measure the length from the string's end to the overlap point with your measuring device to find your true waist size.
4. Use this measurement to select the appropriate ICEVENTS® Inner Belt size. Each size (32, 34, 36) aligns with the middle loop of the ICEVENTS® Inner Belt.


 19. Will you be making anything larger than the Size 36 (which extends to size 38) or smaller than size 32 in the future?

If we are awarded a specific contract (private or public sector) to do so, yes. Otherwise, our size 36 ICEVENTS® Inner Belt is the largest size we will make and the size 32 ICEVENTS® Inner Belt is the smallest size we will make. The reason is simple: our manufacturing costs are astronomical for this product and size 36 is the largest size we can make with our current capabilities. Statistically, the drop off in Total Available Market below size 32 is equally challenging since the demographic size is too small to be economically viable for our design and manufacturing infrastructure. Increasing those capabilities requires an investment for which there currently is no viable business case without a specific contract. If we get enough demand, we may make an extender for the size 36 ICEVENTS® Inner Belt to accommodate larger waist sizes. 

That said, if you need an ICEVENTS® Inner Belt smaller than size 32, ICEVENTS® can be trimmed to size by a pair of scissors. If you want to move the closure mechanism, your base/post/department uniform tailor can easily do this using a basic sewing machine. While we do not endorse modifications of any of our products in this way (it voids the Forever Warranty), we can share that many customers have done modifications similar to this with other ICEVENTS® products and they have all been happy with the results.

20. I just bought a set of ICEVENTS® for my belt, but I like how the ICEVENTS® Inner Belt looks, what should I do?

The beauty of ICEVENTS® is their versatility! If you pick up the ICEVENTS® Inner Belt, your ICEVENTS® can be repurposed to reduce hot spots and increase comfort and performance elsewhere on your gear! Check out our article 'How do I wear ICEVENTS®?'. 

21. How do I care for my ICEVENTS® Inner Belt?

The care for ICEVENTS® Inner Belt is easy. If soiled, simply hose off and hang dry, preferably in the sun.


Stay tuned for restocks of
ICEVENTS® Inner Belt by being sure to subscribe to our LaunchPad email list. For further reading, we highly recommend checking out these articles from our IceAge Insights blog on ICEVENTS® and related subjects:

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