Unmatched Cooling and Heating

Unmatched Cooling and Heating
H2O is an incredible material for a ton of reasons, but one reason in particular is that it takes a great deal of heat energy to turn ice into liquid water. This means, of course, that (when frozen) it has gobs (technical term) of cooling power. Water also has the tremendously useful attribute of being widely available, can be kept frozen with minimal insulation, and it’s obviously consumable--so carrying it is never a waste.

IcePlate® is the first product to take full advantage of all of ice/water’s qualities to keep you frosty. The slightly curved surface stays in broad contact with your body, providing widespread conductive cooling, while light amounts of condensation provide an incremental evaporative cooling benefit, replacing your sweat. And this kind of powerful cooling is essential for a lot of you, because taking the day off when it’s hot outside isn’t a choice. Not only do you have to show up, but you had also better be on your game, because people are counting on you.

So how long can you expect IcePlate® cooling to last? Our users report that if exposed to direct sunlight and summer heat, anywhere from 2-4 hours. If not in the direct sunlight (such as tucked beneath a plate carrier), you can add another 1-2 hours on top of that. But in keeping you hydrated and taking heat stress off your body, the benefit continues even longer.

But that’s not all! Last winter, we had several users take IcePlate® into arctic conditions. Instead of freezing IcePlate®, they put hot water (or coffee) into the container. In doing so, they successfully created a toasty microclimate that was a real gamechanger, with body heat acting to keep the water warm in the freezing temperatures. Once we tried it ourselves, we enjoyed the heating almost as much as the cooling. We recommend keeping your hot water around 150 degrees F for best results.

For Unmatched Cooling and Heating without a tether or tons of added weight, IcePlate® is the only game in town.