FULL DISCLOSURE: IcePlate Curve Standalone Ordered Without Permission

FULL DISCLOSURE: IcePlate Curve Standalone Ordered Without Permission

We are big believers in transparency. Below is a screenshot of Cooper's order so that all of the costs and shipping fees as well as the exchange rate are visible. It is worth noting that the shipping charges were more than the IcePlate Curve Standalone. 

international shipping charges

The screenshots below provide the remaining context behind Cooper's 1-Star review of IcePlate Curve. The two images below are the email communication between the mother of Cooper De Maid and Qore Performance Co-Founder J.D. Willcox (note the timestamps). We arranged the screenshots as if you were reading the email on your computer, so you'll want to start from the bottom and then scroll up. We have redacted the name and email address of Cooper's mother to protect her privacy since she was an unwitting victim attempting to work with us to rectify a difficult situation.



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