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NPR - How You Built That

How Justin Li created a solution for staying cool and hydrated in the heat with ICEPLATE®.

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Why free trade isn’t a license to steal.

Soldier Systems

On the Trail, On the Slopes, On the Hunt: Qore Performance Launches All-New IMS Sport for Hikers, Snowsports, Hunters, and More

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Any advanced technology is almost indistinguishable from magic. Qore Performance, and its innovations to enhance…


2019 FedEx Small Business Grant Contest Silver Prize Winner

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TFB Review: Comfort Combo by Qore Performance and Noisefighters

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Forget fall fashion: What to wear in extreme heat

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Contest Seeks Novel Tools for the Fight Against Ebola

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Ebola continues to create business opportunities in the D.C. area

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About Qore Performance, Inc.

Washington Post

How a sports apparel start-up became a potential weapon against Ebola.

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An overview and my thoughts on the Qore Performance ICEPLATE EXO®.


Beating The Heat With Qore Performance.

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Qore Performance | ICEPLATE® Curve.

The American Warrior Show

Q&A Wednesday | The Incredible Performance Effects of Cooling and Hydration.

Loadout Room

Armor Protection, Cooling, Warming and Hydration: Qore Performance’s ICEPLATE® Black.

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Devil Ball Proving Ground: Qore Performance shorts and sleeves.

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Equipment Review: Qore Performance shorts and sleeves

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Qore Performance | Shorts and Sleeves

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Report | Qore Performance ICEPLATE®

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SHOT 2020 | QORE Performance