ICEPLATE EXO® MOLLE Placard (SwiftClip, G-Hook compatible)
ICEPLATE EXO® MOLLE Placard (SwiftClip, G-Hook compatible)
ICEPLATE EXO® MOLLE Placard (SwiftClip, G-Hook compatible)
ICEPLATE EXO® MOLLE Placard (SwiftClip, G-Hook compatible)
ICEPLATE EXO® MOLLE Placard (SwiftClip, G-Hook compatible)

ICEPLATE EXO® MOLLE Placard (SwiftClip, G-Hook compatible)


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ICEPLATE EXO MOLLE Placard is 100% manufactured in-house at our Knoxville, TN HQ from US materials

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[ You asked. We answer. ]

We know we said we weren't going to release the ICEPLATE EXO® MOLLE Placard solo, but the requests were overwhelming. We heard you loud and clear!

The ICEPLATE EXO® MOLLE Placard is here. A la carte.

Originally designed just for ICEPLATE EXO®, we received tons of comments, DMs, and emails asking us to sell the ICEPLATE EXO® MOLLE Placard by itself, so here it is.

While the ICEPLATE EXO® MOLLE Placard is perfect for ICEPLATE EXO®, ICEPLATE EXO®-CRH, and ICEPLATE EXO®-SLK, it is compatible with both SwiftClips and G-Hooks, so it can be used with basically any modern SwiftClip or G-Hook compatible plate carrier or vest.

The ICEPLATE EXO® MOLLE Placard is included with every ICEPLATE EXO® purchase.

ICEPLATE EXO® MOLLE Placard or your chest rig front of choice is necessary to complete your ICEPLATE EXO®-CRH setup. To build out your ICEPLATE EXO®-CRH with the ICEPLATE EXO® MOLLE Placard, simply attach the top mounted SwiftClips to your CRH adapter straps and mount your side straps to the lower loops of the placard.

Perfect for drone pilots, photographers, carpenters/trades, outdoor enthusiasts etc. where you want the Cooling/Heating/Hydration capabilities of ICEPLATE EXO®-SLK, but you need to carry things like radios, iPhones, medical, tools, snacks, etc.

Add your favorite Blue Force Gear pouches (available above) to customize your ICEPLATE EXO® MOLLE Placard. 

[ What is a MOLLE Placard? ]

A MOLLE placard is a type of gear attachment system often used in military or tactical scenarios. MOLLE stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment, which is a system that allows for the attachment of various pouches, holsters, and other gear to vests, backpacks, or other load-bearing equipment.

A MOLLE placard is a specific component that is typically a flat, rectangular piece of material that can be attached to the front of a tactical vest or plate carrier. These placards usually feature MOLLE webbing or other attachment points, allowing users to customize the loadout of their gear.

For instance, a user might attach a magazine pouch, a first aid kit, a radio holder, or other necessary gear to a MOLLE placard. The placard itself is often detachable, meaning that the user can pre-configure different placards for different scenarios, and quickly switch them out as needed. This modularity and versatility is a major advantage of the MOLLE system, and MOLLE placards play a key role in this.

[ Why Choose Our MOLLE Placard? ]

The ICEPLATE EXO® MOLLE Placard is the ultimate choice for those requiring an efficient, customizable gear attachment system. It is engineered with a focus on versatility, ease of use, and durability, allowing users to meet dynamic operational needs. Designed to work seamlessly with our hydration and thermoregulation systems, this MOLLE placard helps ensure that you stay hydrated and comfortable, improving performance and safety in challenging conditions.

Its robust construction allows it to withstand harsh environments and heavy-duty use. The modularity of the ICEPLATE EXO® MOLLE Placard makes it easy to customize your gear setup based on your specific needs, enhancing functionality and accessibility. Whether it's for professional use or outdoor adventures, the fast swapping of gear configurations is a standout feature, allowing for on-the-go adjustments with minimal effort.

The Qore Performance MOLLE Placard reflects a deep understanding of the needs of its users, making it not just a product, but a reliable partner. For those seeking a blend of innovation, quality, and practicality, this MOLLE placard is an investment that yields valuable returns in operational effectiveness.

[How to Get the Most Out of Your MOLLE Placard ]

While our MOLLE placard is fantastic on its own, combining it with some of our other products dramatically increases its capability. Combine it with ICEPLATE EXO®-CRH to use as a chest rig with cooling/heating/hydration. Use standalone with ICEPLATE EXO® as a true placard. Our MOLLE Placard also seamlessly integrates with our ICEPLATE EXO-SLK® and ICEVEST HiVis Class 2.

For those looking for a HiVis option for Safety or MIL/LE applications, check out our new HiVis MOLLE Placard! This allows you to conveniently carry everything you may need, be it radios, screwdrivers, medkits, and more.

1. Width 10.75 inches
2. Total Length 7.5 inches
3. Placard Length 5.5 inches
Weight 2.15 oz

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Customer Reviews

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LT Mac
Very handy for “hot active” summer

Okay. I got this to adapt my older generation Qore carrier. Two ice plates was too cold for an out door semi admin and field day.
So, this allows me to swap ammo pouches with my one big admin pouch for training.
Saggy, since the ice plate is heavier. Not a problem. I had to fish for the female clips for the CRH adapter kit. Hence the missing star. I got the last two clips from my local surplus shop.
LOTS of people ask about the ice plate.