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TCCC Arm Bands
TCCC Arm Bands
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TCCC Arm Bands


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TCCC Arm Bands is 100% made in the USA from US materials

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TCCC Arm Bands are low profile to warm you up in the winter using single-use, disposable hand warmers placed over the Brachial Artery to warm you up from the inside out. They sit out of the way and provide a subtle extended thermoregulation effect to improve athletic performance. When using them in the heat, put ice in the pockets for powerful conductive and convective cooling.

Using TCCC Hypothermia treatment techniques (heating elements over pulse points), TCCC Base Layers keep you warm and at the top of your game in the most extreme climates while preserving maximum range of motion and mobility.

IMPORTANT - READ THIS FIRST BEFORE PURCHASING: This is a first line production product that is being discontinued. All sales are final. No warranty, returns or exchanges.

***Note: HydraQore Inserts are NOT included and have been permanently discontinued in favor of our more powerful ICEPLATE® and ICEVENTS® lines*** 

TCCC Technology HydraQore Inserts keep you up to 40% more hydrated. Heating packs keep you warm all day. Learn more here.
Security + Comfort  Zero athletic compromise; designed to be secure during any activity. Flatlock Stitching limits chafing. Super slippery fabric is designed to move effortlessly under duty/uniform/range/tactical gear.
Moisture Wicking + Odor Resistant Four-Way Stretch Nylon/Spandex; UPF 50+ Technology. Unrivaled range of motion and mobility.

HydraQore Inserts:

  • Charge at 58° to cool you down without restricting blood flow
  • Incredibly strong and safe: can withstand the force of a truck
  • Unlimited Recharge, Non-Toxic, Anti-Microbial, No Condensation
  • Recharge using freezer, refrigerator or ice water

Heating Inserts: Use in the winter months to keep your extremities warm with fewer layers (sold separately).

Size Guide

Product TCCC Shorts TCCC Shirt TCCC Sleeves
Measure around Top of Waist Chest Bicep
Small 26" - 28" 34" - 36" 10" - 11.5"
Medium 28" - 31" 36" - 39" 11.5" - 13"
Large 31" - 35" 39" - 42" 13" - 14.5"
X-Large 35" - 40" 42" - 46" 14.5" - 16"

BEST USED FOR: Range Days/Work, Training, Courses, On-Duty Wear, Crossfit, Skiing, Snowboarding, HIIT, Track & Field, Running, Hiking, Backpacking

Conforms with USGA Rules for competition play.

Designed and manufactured in the USA from US materials. Fulfilled from our Knoxville, TN HQ. Not subject to ITAR.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Matt Wijas (Takoma Park, US)
Arm bands

Lasted around 20 minutes in 77 degree weather, with little to no exertion. I feel tricked

Hi Matt,
We are sorry to hear that our TCCC Arm Bands have not met your expectations. As noted in the copy on the product page, TCCC Arm Bands are designed to boost hydration. If you are looking for powerful cooling that makes you 'feel cool,' we'd like to suggest that you take a look at our IcePlate Curve here:

We want every customer to have a great experience with us, our brand and our product. If TCCC Arm Bands don't deliver that for you, we'd like the opportunity to make it right and invite you to email so we can setup a return for you and get you a refund.

Thanks again for taking the time to share an honest account of your experiences with us and we hope to be able to serve you again in the future.


Jaison Harris (Philadelphia, US)
Cool under pressure

The arm bands provided relief from the high temperatures during a long weekend soccer tournament. They fit well and allowed for easy exchange of the packs at halftime for each game.

Mark Goertzen (Winnipeg, CA)
Really kept me cool as a groom on my wedding!

This product works very well. For almost an hour at a time it kept me cool out in blistering hot 30c+ weather while wearing a full suit (navy blue suit jacket and pants - so absorbs the sun). By using the white arm sleeves (white so that it didn't show through my white shirt), and putting them inside-out so that the gray logo didn't show through my white shirt, both the sleeves and the gel packs were invisible! No one at my wedding noticed I was wearing it! At key points in the day I traded out the gel packs for a set of cold ones from the fridge to stay cool. They aren't uncomfortable to wear at all - I didn't notice them other than feeling something slightly cool on my arm. The gel packs feel cool rather than cold, which is exactly what you want. If they felt cold, then it would take away heat too fast and would be uncomfortable and the effect also wouldn't last long. It's about speed of heat transfer and I found that their solution works good. I just wish it would last for a couple of hours but that would probably require a much more expensive active cooling solution that pumps coolant around haha.
Also, Qore performance really stepped up in terms of customer service by taking my last minute order and preparing it very fast, making sure to customize it exactly to my needs for my special day and ensuring it shipped immediately so that it arrived on time! I paid for the 3-5 business day shipping and it arrived in 3 days.
Thank you, Qore!

Carolina Guizar
Hot Stuff... how I don't feel during my group exercise classes anymore. I go to a gym where classes are packed and sometimes the temperature in the class is distracting enough to make the exercise unenjoyable and truly uncomfortable. That then gives me an excuse to not try so hard.

Not anymore with the sleeve. I am significantly less overheated, so much so that all I can focus on is the exercise itself and how hard my heart is pumping. I like this.

I've also used the sleeve on hot and humid days when I'm walking around and it reduces the amount of sweat I produce. Bonus!

I highly recommend this product.

Gerald Hollie
It works!

I the arm sleeves to use for riding my mt. bike and working out at the gym. So the other day I used them when the temperature was higher than normal and the humidity was also high. I was amazed at how well they worked. During my 45 bike ride, I could feel a difference in my body temperature and I felt like I could have ridden a longer distance. Normally during and after the ride, I feel exhausted, and fatigued. Not this time. I think Core Performance has an outstanding product.

Scott Dodson
Awesome product! Works very Well!

I have been using my Qore Performance extensively since I bought it. I'm a 25 year old Male and have always been athletic but have had a problem over heating during physical activity my whole life. I use the Qore Performance at the gym when I lift weights, in Pilates and yoga classes, and at the golf range. Its works great, does not get in the way of any exercises (especially golf swings!), and lasts nearly an hour. I notice that my body stays much cooler. Normally my face is prone to over heating, turning red and sweating a lot when I exercise but the Qore Performance drastically reduces this.

William Hurley
Incredibly Impressed!

I spoke with you at the NVTCDI event about your product, specifically in regards to using it during soccer matches and on summer runs. As per your recommendation and generous return policy, I purchased a "half sleeve" and the ice pack with it. I've gone out to run a few times with it on and I have been incredibly impressed with the product's effects. I can safely say that I am very satisfied with Qore's equipment and while I intend to add a few more pieces to my gear, I definitely intend to forward your company's info to other runners/bikers/etc. that I know!

Not only do I endorse them, I recommend them.

I was first introduced to the wrist sleeve of Qore Performance in April 2014 at my local Golf Course, Glenn Dale, in Maryland. I wore the wrist sleeve for several rounds and I noticed a distinct difference in my body temperature and comfort level in the heat during competitive rounds of golf. I then acquired the arm sleeve and wore it on the opposite arm during several rounds of golf. Not only did I notice a great difference in reducing my body temperature, I also noticed a more relaxed and better swing all around the course in very warm temperatures all summer long. I lowered my handicap and enjoyed every round because of an increase in comfort.

I recommend both apparel items to everyone on the Golf Course.

As an aside, I travel the Country teaching Law Enforcement Courses and after my positive experiences with both the wrist and arm sleeves, I now introduce and recommend them to every law enforcement officer I come in contact with. There is nothing worse than being extremely uncomfortable, due to heat, while on duty, protecting our citizens.
The products manufactured by Qore Performance are a welcome addition to increasing our comfort and reducing our body temperature without infringing on our mobility. Great products. Not only do I endorse them, I recommend them.

Mike McQuillan
Public Safety Services, LLC
Bowie, Maryland

Michael Dixon
Recommend this for Everyone!

I own a small business in Wilmington, NC and we spend a lot of time in homes without electricity. During the summer in the South it can get very hot. Last year I had a friend suggest the Qore sleeve, so I gave it a try. The very first time I used it I could feel a huge difference. It kept my body temperature cool even in the worst conditions. Now I don't go to any job without it. I recommend this product to anyone who works in extreme conditions.

Good product

I purchased one of these for a hike this weekend. It was a hot muggy day and when I had the sleeve on it was a big help with the sweat and fatigue. I acclimated to the sleeve very quickly and after about 5 minutes didn't realize it was still on. The sleeve is a good look and even got a few comments from other hikers.

Good product, great value.