Introducing Mark Clifford, Qore Athlete

Mark is the owner/operator of Premier Outfitters, one of the largest and most well established whitetail outfitters in the state of Kentucky. In just a few short years, Mark has grown his business from a small startup, to an operation that hunts over 20,000 acres with four beautiful lodges. Mark’s goal is simple, to provide quality opportunities for hunters while giving them personalized service and attention, to create memorable experiences.

Mark was first introduced to Qore Performance® in early February and he has been an avid supporter and user ever since. After first testing out the gear during a snowy winter day in South Carolina, Mark recorded this impromptu video on his cell phone and passed it along to us.



At home, he can been seen at the gym working out with Qore Performance® gear, and at work Mark has integrated Qore into his entire business. Throughout turkey season, and now heading into the summer as his guides and workers prepare his land for fall hunting, Mark has trusted Qore Performance to keep his team more hydrated and safer while on the job. Every member of the Premier Outfitter team uses Qore Performance while working on his property. Mark is not just a Qore Athlete, he is a Qore advocate.


As a huge fan of high school football, Mark is currently working with a number of schools on the implementation of Qore Performance products to assist players and coaches during upcoming summer practices. Mark has seen first hand how helpful Qore Performance products can be, and he is actively working to spread the word about the benefits he has experienced.

Mark has been a breath of fresh air to work with, and having him as a flagship member of our Qore Athletes has been a privilege and honor for us. If you are a hunter, do yourself a favor and get out to Premier Outfitters in Western Kentucky. If you are an athlete, take it from Mark, “These things really work. I can feel my whole body getting cooler, and my performance stays high throughout my workouts.”

You can reach Mark at either, or if you have any questions or would like any additional information.







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