Qore Performance® and Amazon Prime: why we stopped selling on Amazon

Qore Performance® and Amazon Prime: why we stopped selling on Amazon

Amazon stole money from Qore Performance®. Here is the full, unedited story behind how Amazon stole money from us and why we don't sell our products on their website anymore.

First, they notified us that a customer filed an A-to-z Guarantee claim of $95.08 against us.

Next, Amazon notified us that they decided to grant the A-to-z Guarantee claim against us to the customer.

Then, we sent Amazon the entire email conversation between us and the customer where the customer admits this is his fault, entirely. The customer then asks us to give him a refund to pay for his mistake so that he can re-purchase. Here is that email:

The email above proved, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that the customer was 100% at fault for this issue and there were no grounds for granting an A-to-z Guarantee claim. Despite this documentation, Amazon denies our appeal:

We then contacted the customer to update them on the situation:

Theft is inexcusable to us. However, we are ones who favor action over mere rhetoric. We immediately removed all of our products from Amazon.


Then there is this: Amazon and their stance on individual liberty:

Why we don’t sell on Amazon

For those of you who are new to our brand, our position on personal freedom and individual liberty has been clear from the beginning.

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