IceAge Insights: Military Law Enforcement

The Human Turbocharger: How do I wear IcePlate® Classic or IcePlate® Curve?
IcePlate® is the world's most powerful water bottle. Shaped like a Medium ESAPI armor plate, IcePlate® conforms to the body to deliver 70 watts of cooling or 52 watts of heating with the 50 fluid ounces of drinking water it carries in a hard cell water bottle that can withstand the toughest conditions on earth. This is a quick, easy to use and comprehensive guide showing how to wear IcePlate for military, law enforcement, fire/EMS, prepared citizens, safety professionals and outdoor enthusiasts alike.
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What size plate carrier do I wear?
How do I know what size plate carrier I should buy? What size plate carrier do I need? Use this short plate carrier size checklist to figure out what size armor plates and what size plate carrier is right for you in just a few minutes.
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