HiVis Class 2 Cooling Safety Vests: cheap insurance and the best investment you can make for your workforce (case study)

HiVis Class 2 Cooling Safety Vests: cheap insurance and the best investment you can make for your workforce (case study)
Below are a couple videos from two of our more prominent customers: Dutch Bros Coffee and Chick-fil-A Goodyear. They both summarize the institutional benefits of our IceVest HiVis Class 2 Safety Vest with Cooling/Heating/Hydration and why they are actually (I hate to use this word, but it is accurate): cheap (institutionally speaking).
Our IceVests are practically free workforce insurance since they are the most powerful way to prevent heat injuries (+4m hours without a heat injury since launch in 2017 - a perfect operational safety record) on the market today, thanks to the 140 watts of cooling power they pack.
One of the fast food chains with whom we work had north of 30 heat injuries the summer before they on-boarded our IceVests. Each of those heat injuries cost the company about $25k in 2016 dollars, or roughly $750,000 in medical expenses. Outfitting their entire workforce of 1200 employees with our IceVests only cost them $300k and they haven’t had a heat injury since. If they had kept doing what they were doing over the last six years, assuming they didn’t grow at all (which they have, significantly), they would have spent $4,500,000 treating the heat injuries of their employees, assuming their heat injury rate remained constant, which it most certainly would not have given their growth). Instead, they spent $300,000 with us one time and haven’t spent a dime on heat injuries since. That is a net savings of $4,200,000.
To be totally honest with you, I haven’t typed these numbers out like this in years. In doing so, it makes me realize we should be charging at least 7x what we are charging now and it would still be an insane investment for the customer since they would still be netting a minimum savings of $2,100,000!
Our customer made their money back in a few months. It is tough to find investments of any type that provide ROI timelines like that, let alone ones that also boost the morale and performance of your team while providing them with uniforms.
Our IceVest HiVis Class 2 Safety Vests with Cooling/Heating/Hydration are also available in Team Packages.

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