Qore Performance PRoS Program – Hunting

You have been selected to participate in our exclusive Qore Performance PRoS (Professional Resource Sponsorship) Program because you are one of the top outfitters in the country. Inclusion into Qore Performance PRoS comes with amazing benefits for you and your network.

Joining Qore Performance PRoS entitles you to:

  1. Two (2) complete sets of gear to wear during your activities
  2. One (1) set of PAC inserts
  3. Placement on our website as a member of Qore Performance PRoS
  4. One (1) Coupon Code for your personal use to buy discounted gear
  5. One (1) Coupon Code for you to distribute to your network, which will give users 10% off all purchases.
  6. 10% commission on every purchase made using your Coupon Code

As consideration for the Qore Performance PRoS Sponsorship, you will provide the following:

  1. Logo link back on your website as a trusted partner, and agreement to wear our gear doing your activities or photo opportunities
  2. Endorsement video and/or written testimonial
  3. Three (3) Email blasts/Social Media blasts highlighting our partnership

The Top Five highest performing Qore Performance PRoS will earn the status of Elite PRoS for 2016 will be invited to participate in beta testing for future products, advanced release and other benefits.