Smart | Simple | Safe

IcePlate® is a new kind of water bottle that helps regulate your temperature. For unmatched cooling, fill and freeze IcePlate® overnight and wear IcePlate® against your body for 3-4 hours (70+ watts per plate) of conductive + evaporative cooling; as your body heat melts the ice in the IcePlate®, you'll stay cool and have ice-cold water to drink. In winter, fill IcePlate® with hot water to keep warm.

Forget bulky bottled water and funky plastic-tasting bladders that are impossible to clean. IcePlate's® strong, military-grade thermopolymer shell helps protect you and won't break or pop under stress. Its ideal, slim form factor makes IcePlate® easy to wear and carry: wear it as a standalone backpack, tuck it under your pack or plate carrier, or slide it into any laptop sleeve or seat pocket, making travel a breeze.

No other product on the market keeps you this cool and hydrated, increasing productivity and limiting heat stress.

50+ oz. Capacity
70+ Watts per Plate
Charges in 6 Hours
12 oz. Empty Weight