Best Hydration Pack for Summer Music Festivals 2022

Best Hydration Pack for Summer Music Festivals 2022
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After 2 years of hiatus, Ultra Music Festival is back with the first names of its 2022 edition lineup that will take place back at Miami Bayfront Park.

Festival season is finally upon us! And you know what that means. Long hours in the hot, sweaty, summer sun. If you’re reading this page you probably already know how important it is to keep hydrated in those conditions. But did you also know how important it is to keep your body temperature down? The overwhelming cause of death at summer festivals surprisingly isn't due to mosh pits, drugs, or alcohol (although, they usually are contributing factors), but heat stroke. That’s right, our seemingly harmless environment is constantly at war with us, and not just in desert battlefields, but also in places where we go to have fun, listen to music, and take a much needed break from the daily grind.
We’ve all seen the typical festival bros. Shirtless and lugging around their CamelBak bladders. You might be one of them. Hell, I may have been guilty of that once or twice myself. Besides looking like a Chad though, they do have one thing right. They understand the importance of hydration. But while CamelBaks do make you look cool, they lack a key feature, essential for being outdoors: KEEPING you cool.

Up to 75% of the body’s energy is used to remove waste, heat included. So if you do some simple math that leaves you with 25% left to have fun with. What if you could increase that amount, giving you more endurance to rave all day without having to bum your friends out and miss your favorite artists because you needed to go back to your tent to try and cool down? We all know the last thing you want after spending all that money for tickets and travel expenses is to let even a minute go to waste when you could be having experiences that could instead change your life forever.

Above: IMS Sport by Qore Performance® is the ultimate cooling and hydration pack for outdoor summer music festivals

best hydration pack for summer music festivals 2022
Photo Credit: University of Central Florida
Above: Heat Stroke is one of the leading injuries at music festivals.

Luckily, there is something that preserves your body’s energy, allowing you to overcome the heat, and keep moving from stage to stage all day. It’s called IcePlate® Curve. Originally designed for our troops overseas to give them a superhuman advantage in the most extreme weather conditions, IcePlate® Curve is a 50oz (1.5L) armor shaped water bottle, that you wear on your back (and/or front) and FREEZE. IcePlate® Curve gives you 70 watts of conductive cooling power over four hours, including the ability to hydrate you as the ice melts. No wasted weight.

How do you wear it, you ask? Great question. The answer is our IcePlate® MOLLE Sleeve, or IMS for short. While our traditional IMS and IMS Pro Combos are designed to be mounted onto a plate carrier, we designed IMS Sport with our civilian end-user in mind. Simply slide the IcePlate® inside and voila, you now have a slimline “backpack” that keeps you cool and that you can drink from  via a wide array of quick disconnect drink tubes, including your existing CamelBak's (Not compatible with HydroLink). However we do recommend the Source 90 as it gives you the slimmest profile option for your IcePlate®.

So whether you’re going to Bonnaroo, Firefly, or EDC this year, don’t be that guy lagging behind, slowing down your crew from exhaustion, or even worse, heat stroke, really putting a damper on your perfectly planned festival getaway. Ditch the old-school CamelBak bladder and pick up a futuristic IMS Sport Combo today.
best hydration pack for summer music festivals
Above: IMS Sport is the perfect cooling/heating/hydration solution for music festivals and concerts, but it is also great for outdoor adventures.

best hydration pack for summer music festivals, concerts
Above: our exclusive Source 90 Drink Tube makes hands-free drinking easy and effortless, so you can focus on just having a great time at the festival.

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