Best Sales Jobs in Knoxville, TN: Field Training Specialists (multiple positions available)

Best Sales Jobs in Knoxville, TN: Field Training Specialists (multiple positions available)
The Field Training Specialist is an essential position that reports directly to the Sales and Business Development Director. This position is responsible for training, educating and equipping our most important company asset across all lines of Qore Performance business: our customers. 
Do these questions resonate with you?
  1. Are you a strong, diligent, extrovert with a natural sense of urgency who is energized by relentlessly evangelizing our cause and solving problems for people?
  2. Do you have experience training, teaching, and presenting to people from a diverse array of industries and companies and getting buy-in as a result of said training, teaching, and presenting?
  3. Are you capable of being a total team player who can operate independently while in the field?
  4. Do you love to travel (road trips in particular) and embark upon new adventures across the United States?
  5. Do you love giving presentations (formal and/or ad hoc/impromptu) to groups?

No formal education or experience is required
An ideal candidate must be:

  • a professional with five or more years of professional experience in sales, and/or training
  • well-read (or "listened")
  • a voracious learner
  • have excellent presentation skills
  • be well-spoken
  • disciplined and diligent in the execution of their tasks
  • be excited to be on a 3-4 month company "tour-style" road trip during the 2Q and 3Q
  • have exceptional judgment and discretion

The Job

  • Present Qore Performance products to customers in the field at individual customer locations (stores, warehouses, military bases, etc.) and trade shows using the branded Qore Performance Truck ("Betsy")
  • Map out, schedule, plan seasonal customer "tours" across the U.S. to optimize for efficiency and customer training time
  • Train existing and new customers on the proper use of our products to ensure an optimal experience and maximum utility
  • Educate customers on the philosophy, science, design, and engineering of all Qore Performance products, tailoring presentations to the unique circumstances of each customer across all business lines: Military, Law Enforcement, Occupational Safety, Aviation, and SPORT (Snow, Physical Fitness, Outdoor, Recreation, Travel)
  • Support customer needs like warranty, selling replacement parts, etc.
  • Send thorough, detailed, relevant customer feedback/intel back to HQ for use by Design, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Fulfillment, Manufacturing, etc.
  • Query existing customers for referral leads to pass to back to HQ when/where appropriate
  • Capture content (any format) for use by Marketing, Sales, Design
  • Creatively solve customer issues on the fly, consistent with company values
  • Provide excellent, best-in-class customer service via email, phone, and/or live chat 
  • Use customer service experience to inform, evolve customer training materials

How we will measure success

  • customer satisfaction/complaints
  • customer reviews, testimonials (all platforms)
  • sales growth
  • referral business
  • inbound traffic generation, growth
  • profitability
  • YOY account performance
  • market penetration (new and existing)
  • content generation

Think you have a better way?
We DEFINITELY want to hear from you.

Big advantage if you have a background in any of the following:
Military, Law Enforcement, Wild land Firefighter, First Responder/EMT, SAR/CSAR, Backpacking/Hiking, Mountaineering/Climbing, Outdoors, Travel, QSR/Food Service, Consumer Electronics, Crossfit, Running/Marathons/Ultras, Combative's/D-TAC, Shopify, ERP software, Pilot's License, Crossfit Certifications (or similar/equivalent), Hunting, Marksmanship/Firearms proficiency

Click here to learn more about our recruiting process and working at Qore Performance.

Position-specific Requirements

  • Minimum two years experience at least one of the following sales or customer service channels: military, law enforcement, HSE/OSHA enterprise safety, outdoor (backpacking, hiking, hunting, water sports, etc.), EDC, luxury travel/hospitality, aviation, GSE, physical fitness
  • Proven ability to develop and implement a teaching or training program
  • References who can verify your sales/training track record (more = better)
  • Team player mindset
  • Position can be Permanent Full-Time or Seasonal Full-Time 

Ideal, but Optional

Trade show and training experience 

    Company Requirements

    • All candidates must have the legal ability to work in the USA without sponsorship
    • Ability to clearly communicate in a fast-paced work environment
    • Ability to pass a background check and drug test
    • Ability to perform physical tasks required of the job

    Work location: Tour Lower 48 States during MAR-SEP, Qore Performance® Headquarters in Knoxville, TN when not on tour.

    Please submit a condensed resume and an expression of interest for review. Work location: Knoxville, TN MSA. 


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