Discontinued Product / SKU Rationalization Explained

Discontinued Product / SKU Rationalization Explained

In recent times, our journey has been marked by an incredible surge in demand, a testament to the trust and loyalty you, our valued customers, have placed in us. As we navigate the complexities of scaling and evolving to meet this ever-increasing demand, we've had to make some difficult decisions, particularly concerning our SKU Rationalization program. Our goal has always been to focus on scaling production efficiently, ensuring we can continue delivering the high-quality products you've come to expect from us. This focus has led us to the tough decision to discontinue certain products that, while once pivotal to our catalog, no longer sell at high enough volumes to remain in our catalog.

The decision to phase out products such as the IMS Sport, EDC Coin Purse, TCCC Base Layers, and various ICEVENTS® accessories was not taken lightly. These products have been part of our identity and have supported your adventures, operations, and daily lives. However, to forge ahead and innovate, we must concentrate our efforts on products that will drive us forward, matching the scale of our aspirations with the realities of our manufacturing capabilities.

Products that have been discontinued include:

  • IMS Sport
  • EDC Coin Purse
  • TCCC Base Layers
  • Rapid Assault Sling
  • ICEVENTS® Insoles
  • ICEPLATE® Curve Right Exit
  • ICEVENTS® AIWB Holster Pad
  • ICEVENTS® Classic Range Belt Ventilation Pads
  • ICEVENTS® Classic Chest Rig Ventilation Pontoons

We understand that the discontinuation of these favorites might be disappointing. It's a sentiment we share deeply. Yet, this rationalization is a strategic move to enhance our operational efficiency and focus on products that promise the most significant impact for our community. As we bid farewell to these items, we've provided a final opportunity for our customers to purchase them, ensuring everyone who desires to own a piece of our history can do so before they're retired. In addition to this, we have left the door open for yearly production runs of some favorites, depending on market interest. 

Our commitment to expanding our manufacturing capacity reflects our dedication to meeting your needs. Despite investing millions into this expansion, the challenge of keeping pace with demand has necessitated a more focused approach to our product lineup. This evolution is part of our broader strategy to not just keep up but excel, ensuring we can deliver the innovative, quality products that support your ambitions.

We're grateful for your support and understanding as we navigate this phase. The discontinuation of these products is not an end, but the beginning of a new chapter—one where we continue to strive for excellence and innovation. Thank you for being a crucial part of our journey. Onward, to Building A Superhuman Future®.

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