IceAge Insights: Military Law Enforcement

Best Plate Carriers 2023: IcePlate EXO, Crye Precision (JPC 2.0, AVS, SPC), Spiritus Systems LV-119, Ferro Concepts FCPC V5, Agilite K19, Velocity Systems SCARAB LT
Technical Plate Carrier Review Series: a data-based approach to plate carrier buying guides and analysis. Our Technical Plate Carrier Review Series covers the following plate carriers: Crye Precision SPC (Structural Plate Carrier), Crye Precision JPC 2.0, Crye Precision AVS, Ferro Concepts FCPC V5, Agilite K19, Spiritus Systems LV-119, Velocity Systems SCARAB LT. YouTube videos and technical data links included.
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Plate Carrier Weight Calculator
How much does my plate carrier load out weigh? Who makes the lightest plate carrier? Use this plate carrier weight calculator to figure out how much your military or law enforcement plate carrier weighs. The Qore Performance Plate Carrier Weight Calculator is an essential mission planning tool for endurance, thermoregulation, hydration, and metabolic efficiency. It includes pouches and plate carriers from Spiritus Systems, Ferro Concepts, Crye Precision, Velocity Systems and Qore Performance. Armor plates from DFNDR Armor and pouches from Blue Force Gear are also included.
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What size plate carrier do I wear?
How do I know what size plate carrier I should buy? What size plate carrier do I need? Use this short plate carrier size checklist to figure out what size armor plates and what size plate carrier is right for you in just a few minutes.
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