Dual ICEPLATE® Curve Plate Carrier Integration - Maximizing Hydration and Thermoregulation

Dual ICEPLATE® Curve Plate Carrier Integration - Maximizing Hydration and Thermoregulation

In the demanding realms of tactical operations and outdoor adventures, staying hydrated and maintaining core temperature are crucial for performance and endurance. The ICEPLATE® Curve by Qore Performance offers a unique solution, combining hydration with thermoregulation in a conformal format that matches the body's natural anatomy. A single ICEPLATE® Curve carries 1.5 liters (50 oz) of liquid, providing not just hydration but also the option for cooling or heating, enhancing operational efficiency and comfort. When integrating both the ICEPLATE® MOLLE Sleeve (IMS) and IMS Pro or IMS Versa into your plate carrier setup, you effectively double your hydration capacity to three liters, ensuring sustained performance during prolonged activities. This article will guide you through this dual setup and detail how to switch the Source 90 Drink Tube between ICEPLATE® Curves, focusing on practical, user-friendly steps for active wearers.

Initial Setup: Preparing for Dual ICEPLATE® Curve Integration

Start with your plate carrier laid out, identifying suitable MOLLE/PALS webbing sections for both the IMS (our external only mounting solution) and IMS Versa (our internal only mounting solution) or, if integrating IMS Pro (our internal/external mounting solution) instead of IMS Versa, Velcro® Loop pontoon fields like the ones found on ICEPLATE EXO®. The world facing side of the rear plate bag is the recommended position for the IMS, while the IMS Versa can be attached to the body facing side of the rear plate bag. IMS Pro can either be attached to the world facing panel of the rear plate bag via MOLLE fields and the included velcro® One-Wrap to take the role of hydration only or to the body facing side of the rear plate bag if your plate carrier is designed with Velcro® Loop pontoon fields to reap the benefits of cooling/heating/hyration.

Installing the ICEPLATE® MOLLE Sleeve (IMS)

* Position and secure the IMS: Attach IMS externally to the rear plate bag using the integrated MOLLE straps, ensuring a snug, movement-free fit.

* Insert the first ICEPLATE® Curve: Slide the ICEPLATE® Curve into the IMS, positioning it for comfort and ease of access to the drink tube.

Adding the IMS Pro or IMS Versa for Dual Capacity

* Mount the IMS Pro or IMS Versa: Attach IMS Pro or IMS Versa internally to the rear plate bag using either the Velcro® attachment method found on IMS Pro or the provided straps with IMS Versa.

* Insert the second ICEPLATE® Curve: Place another ICEPLATE® Curve into the IMS Pro or IMS Versa, effectively doubling your hydration capacity to 3 liters.

Switching the Source 90 Drink Tube: A Practical Approach

Imagine you're actively wearing the plate carrier, engaged in an operation or training. You've drained the first ICEPLATE® Curve and now need to switch the hydration source to the second ICEPLATE® Curve without removing your gear. Here's how to do it efficiently:

* Access the Drink Tube: If you are in a team, have a buddy reach for the Source 90 Drink Tube connected to the ICEPLATE® Curve in the IMS. If you are solo, this may require slightly doffing your carrier unless you have significant mobility and dexterity. It's designed for easy detachment, even with gloves.

* Detach with Care: Gently disconnect the tube from the first ICEPLATE® Curve. This step requires minimal force; the connectors are designed for quick, user-friendly engagement and disengagement.

* Prepare the second ICEPLATE® Curve: Ensure the second ICEPLATE® Curve in the IMS Pro or IMS Versa is positioned so you can easily access its connector. This might involve adjusting or slightly doffing the plate carrier for better reach.

* Connect the tube to the new source: Attach the Source 90 Drink Tube to the second ICEPLATE® Curve. The connectors should click into place, indicating a secure connection.

* Adjust and secure the tube: After switching, route the drink tube to ensure it's accessible but out of the way of your movements. Secure any slack to your gear, preventing snags.

Conclusion: Enhanced Hydration and Versatility

This dual ICEPLATE® Curve configuration not only maximizes your hydration capacity to 3 liters but also offers the flexibility to switch hydration sources on the fly, without the need to disengage from your environment or task. It exemplifies Qore Performance's commitment to "Building A Superhuman Future®" by ensuring that individuals in demanding situations can maintain hydration and thermoregulation efficiently and effectively. By following these practical steps, you can adapt your hydration setup to meet the needs of any mission or adventure, keeping performance at its peak.

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