New iPad Cooling Case for 2022 prevents iPads Overheating for Drive Thru QSR, Pilots

New iPad Cooling Case for 2022 prevents iPads Overheating for Drive Thru QSR, Pilots

What if you or your team could cool an overheated iPad in under 20 seconds, instead of 5 - 15 minutes, putting it right back to work? Better yet - what if you could efficiently keep their iPads from overheating in the first place? 

Our IceCase iPad Cooling Case for iPad Mini (5th and 6th Generation), iPad 9.7 and iPad 10.2, is all-new for 2022. Loaded with conductive cooling capability, IceCase iPad Cooling Cases keep your iPad cool in triple digit temperatures with direct sunlight!

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Does this sound too good to be true? We know that seeing is believing, so we put this quick 90 second demonstration video together while we were at Chick-fil-A Fair Lakes delivering IceCase iPad Cooling Cases to their team:

Love ‘em, don’t leave ‘em

About three years ago the New York Times reported that “Nearly half of all iPads are now bought by corporations and governments.” iPads and iPhones are now the “preferred mobile computing devices for corporations.” Many workers, from quick-service restaurant employees to airline pilots to AgTech now rely on iPads to get their jobs done and keep management informed. Much better than paper.

But … there’s a catch. They overheat in hot weather. This isn't likely to change anytime soon.

Overheating iPads: Engineering Talent Overcomes Productivity Challenges

According to Apple, iPads are designed to function between 32º to 95º F. iPads were also designed to shut down when they overheat in order to protect the internal lithium-polymer battery. When you get an overheating warning you can pause -- for between 5 and 15 minutes -- to let it cool down. The cooling process can be accelerated by moving the device to a cooler area. I’ve been occasionally known to hang my iPhone out the window in the dead of winter to expedite the process. This is NOT considered a Best Practice and if you are a company manager you probably don’t wish to risk expensive equipment by encouraging your staff to undertake similarly risky stunts! Having multiple iPads for each employee is another cumbersome and expensive solution. It also doesn't solve downtime created by the swapping of iPads, which is especially difficult (and costly) during peak traffic periods.

But what if there were a way to keep your team’s iPad cool and functional while they work?

(Ding! Ding! Ding! We are getting, um, warmer!)

iPad Cooling Case for pilots, aviation IceCase by Qore Performance

Above: IceCase keeps iPads cool in the cockpit for pilots/aviation users.

The IceCase In Action

Our company began working with Quick Serve Restaurants (QSRs) two summers ago. An Arizona QSR reached out to us about effective ways to keep their outside employees cool. They had discovered our flagship product, the IcePlate®, and desired to adapt it to enhance server productivity. With their input we created what are now the IceVest HiVis Cooling/Heating/Hydration Safety Vest (Class 2) and the IcePlate® Hydration Backpack with Cooling/Heating. Both the cooling vest and the hydration backpack enhances productivity and safety by allowing employees to work outdoors for much longer stretches -- hours instead of minutes -- in perfect comfort. IceVest is now being used by roughly 2000 QSRs locations nationwide, including Dutch Bros Coffee. The pace of its adoption is growing dramatically as word gets around.

People aren’t the only thing that our QSR partners needed to keep cool. iPads are a crucial component of the drive thru ordering system. In the Arizona summer heat the servers’ iPads were overheating, and shutting down, about two or three times per hour (or even more frequently). The solution of having multiple iPads that employees could swap out? Too costly and cumbersome.

Above: IceCase attached to IceVest HiVis Safety Vest Class 2 with IceCase Strap Kit

IceCase: Active Conductive Cooling Case for iPad (Drive Thru, QSR)

IceCase to the rescue! Our team designed a Active Conductive Cooling Case for iPads. We recognized that we could save our customers time and money with an elegantly simple device. Our design is not only simple, but affordable and effective. It works like a charm.

A foam inner chassis provides a soft chamber to cushion the iPad. A durable outer shell protects the iPad. IceBloq (an easily replaceable, condensation-free, phase-change cooling pack) fits between the iPad and the chassis, conductively cooling the iPad and preventing overheating. Each IceCase comes with two IceBloqs, one to be swapped every 1-2 hours to keep the iPad cool and functioning uninterrupted.

Curious to see how all of this comes together? We put this informative video together to show you everything you need to know about our all-new for 2022 IceCase iPad Cooling Case:

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Does your business rely on iPads in hot environments? Tired of your iPad shutting down? IceCase to the rescue! (Cue Ride of the Valkyries!)

Email or call us 703.755.0724.  Learn how you, too, can adopt this simple, practical, productivity-enhancing solution for your company.


  • Qore Performance

    Good question John. Actually, our QSR customers used to do just that. The problem they had with it was that while putting iPads in freezers will temporarily solve the overheating issue, their employees couldn’t use the iPad while it was in the freezer. Offline iPads = lost productivity/revenue. IceCase facilitates cooling that is nearly as powerful in all climate conditions, but while the iPad is being used for business. IceCase cools/heats iPads while in use so there is no down time, significantly boosting productivity and revenue.

  • John Mcpherson

    Ice pack – hmm why not just put ipad in a bag and shove it in an ice chest.

  • Qore Performance

    Hi Wayne,
    Yes, you can use the camera with IceCase. Full details as well as available models can be found here:
    Hope that helps, but feel free to email us if you have any additional questions: info [at] Qore Performance [dot] com.

  • Wayne

    Can you use camera to do video with ice pack installed?
    Do you make these for iPhone 13?

  • Qore Performance

    RE: Reynaldo
    Absolutely! IceCase protects thousands of iPads across the country everyday in conditions just like those you are describing. For 6-8 hours, you’ll want to purchase an additional 4-6 IceBloqs to make sure you have enough cooling power to last you all day, especially when in direct sunlight. Here are the links you need:
    Extra IceBloq Cooling Inserts:

    Hope that helps, but let us know if you have any questions. #StayFrosty

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