No More Headaches: Noisefighters and Qore Performance® team up, aim to make ear pro great again

No More Headaches: Noisefighters and Qore Performance® team up, aim to make ear pro great again


No More Headaches: Noisefighters and Qore Performance® team up, aim to make ear pro great again 

McLean, VA / Grand Rapids, MI: Tired of post-Range Day headaches, Qore Performance® and Noisefighters are joining forces to upgrade hearing protection comfort. Their joint “Comfort Combo” combines Noisefighters’ SightLines Gel Ear Pads and the IceVents® Headband Pad to vastly improve comfort of most off-the-shelf ear pro. “This collaboration is super exciting for us because as shooters ourselves, it delivers everything we want in hearing protection, headset comfort, value and functionality,” said Qore Performance® Co-Founder, Justin Li.

Noisefighters introduced SightLines Gel Ear Pads in late 2017 to solve an acute user problem: traditional headset ear pads painfully press glasses arms against the side of the head and also allow extra noise through the resulting gaps. “I’d always come home from the range with a terrible headache centered around my temples, where the glasses arms had been crushed into my head,” said Neal Brace, Owner of Noisefighters, and a U.S. Marine Corps combat veteran.  SightLines Gel Ear Pads have built-in relief cuts, allowing glasses to pass through without breaking the sound seal or pressing tightly against the head, providing unparalleled protection and comfort. After a successful crowdfunding effort on Kickstarter and support from an enthusiastic user base, Noisefighters products are now worn by soldiers, law enforcement officers, pilots, and others in more than 34 countries around the world.

Qore Performance® released IceVents® configured as Shoulder Pads in November 2018, featuring a proprietary lightweight, breathable, super-strong honeycomb matrix that vastly outperforms foam-based padding. This modular and hydrophobic pad happens to also work perfectly on ear pro. Justin notes: “It hit me in a dream one night as I was thinking about how I needed to look for a padded headband for my hard hearing protection (Howard Leight® Impact® Sport) when I realized we already made the most advanced, most comfortable load-bearing pad available today. So I got up, tested my idea and it fit like a it was meant to be from the beginning.”

Noisefighters and Qore Performance® have respected each other’s designs and innovation for some time and were eager to find a way to collaborate. “Justin and the team at Qore Performance® are truly setting a new standard in thermal management, and I’ve been blown away by their innovation. I wish I could have used their products when I served overseas, where situational awareness and combat effectiveness are severely degraded by overheating” said Neal. Justin echos the same sentiment: “I’ve admired the refinement and elegance of the work Neal has done with Noisefighters from the first minute I saw them in an Instagram picture. He has a knack for practical, asymmetric problem solving that resonates with how we engineer our solutions here at Qore Performance®. We felt this was a natural fit.”

The Comfort Combo is available through Qore Performance’s website.  It can also be purchased exclusively at four premium retail Launch Partners nationwide:

Gunsite Academy
Paulden, AZ: 2900 W. Gunsite Road, 928-636-4565

Magnum Shooting Center
Colorado Springs, CO: 13372 Meadowgrass Drive, 719-487-3193

Royal Range USA
Nashville, TN: 7741 Highway 70 South, 615-646-9333

Stoddard’s Range and Guns
Atlanta, GA: 485 Bishop St., NW, 404-355-4867


Qore Performance, Inc. is actively enhancing human performance and safety with wearable thermoregulation technology for military, law enforcement and industrial professionals everywhere. IcePlate® and their TCCC base layers dramatically improve hydration and endurance under kit and while training. Qore Performance’s solutions were born out of a critical need identified by Co-Founder, Justin Li, to improve performance and safety while working as a sworn law enforcement officer in the California desert.

Normal headset ear pads cause painful headaches and allow in extra noise when glasses are worn. Noisefighters’ silicone gel-filled ear pads have relief cuts, allowing glasses to pass through. Noisefighters was founded by Neal Brace, a U.S. Marine Corps combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Both companies proudly make their products in the USA.


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