OneWrap for ICEVENTS® or IMS
OneWrap for ICEVENTS® or IMS

OneWrap for ICEVENTS® or IMS


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This Velcro One Wrap is the One for Your Kit

Equip your gear with ultimate versatility and reliability with the Velcro OneWrap from Qore Performance. Designed for seamless compatibility, this strong and durable wrap ensures that your IMS (ICEPLATE® MOLLE Sleeve) and ICEVENTS® padding can be mounted on any kit – even those without MOLLE attachment capabilities. Whether you’re in the military, law enforcement, or just an outdoor enthusiast in need of tie-downs, this Velcro OneWrap is your go-to fastener.

  • Ease of Use: Effortlessly integrates with your existing gear, making setup quick and simple.

  • Strong and Durable: Constructed to withstand rugged use in any environment, ensuring your gear stays secure.

  • Color Options: Available in black and coyote brown.

  • Available Lengths: Choose between a 48” or 16”.

Versatility of Our Velcro One Wrap: Beyond Military Applications

Our Velcro OneWrap is recognized for its multi-purpose functionality, extending beyond tactical and military use. Customers frequently highlight how these durable, self-gripping fasteners serve effectively as reusable, heavy-duty zip-ties. Ideal for both outdoor and indoor environments, the OneWrap strap can securely bundle, cinch, and manage items such as cords, cables, sleeping bags, cargo, and equipment. This adaptability makes our Velcro OneWrap an essential tool not only for combat readiness but also for everyday organization and utility.

Made in America

At Qore Performance, we remain committed to producing all our products in the United States, using only locally sourced materials. Every material used in our products is chosen with no room for compromise, reflecting our dedication to Building a Superhuman Future®. Our rigorous testing in the lab and on the field ensures that our products meet the highest standards of quality and performance. 

Equip your gear with Qore Performance’s Velcro OneWrap and experience tactical functionality and uncompromising quality. Whether you're managing cables or outfitting your tactical kit, our Velcro straps are designed to provide a high-quality, versatile, and reusable fastener for all your needs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

IceVents Strap: Extra Back2Back

Kate McGuire (Charlotte, US)
Instagram Handle: @milsimkate
Most useful add on!

I love this stuff! It works amazing for cable organization on my PC but can also be used for so much more!!!

Sam (Carmel, US)
Useful for any kit!

These straps are incredibly useful. If not for their intended purpose of holding the ice vents in line, definitely for holding spare straps. These worked great holding the loose tension straps on my backpack, plate carrier and various other equipment. They are like tactical, reusable zip-ties.