Berry Compliance: What You Need to Know
For some customers, Berry Compliance is an important factor when making bulk enterprise / organization orders. Primarily, this will apply to US military buyers, though some Federal and local Law Enforcement units may also adhere to Berry Compliance. For those...
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ICEVENTS® INNER BELT FAQ: Frequently asked questions about the new standard for duty belt comfort and capability
We are excited to get the ICEVENTS® INNER BELT out into the wild after two years of development. We’ve had a lot of great feedback and questions concerning its use, functions and improvements over traditional inner belts. Below, we’ll be getting into some of those questions with answers collected from both the Qore Performance team and our knowledgeable beta testers.
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Plate Carrier Setup for Cold Weather: Hydration, Heating
We thought it would be helpful to assemble all of the best practices for how to use IcePlate® in cold weather operations that we've developed and accumulated. This article will cover winter IcePlate setups for military personnel in a few different configurations for just about any application or mission.
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