iPad Cooling Case Evolution: IceCase improvements since Spring 2018

iPad Cooling Case Evolution: IceCase improvements since Spring 2018

We are constantly working to upgrade and improve our inventions to help you upgrade and improve your operations, mostly behind the scenes. In order to help you see the journey of how a product comes to be its latest version, this is a brief chronological summary of the design evolution for the world's best and most powerful iPad cooling and heating case: IceCase.

  • Initial IceCase: Foam, iPad Mini only. Cooling Inserts: 5 oz, Vacuum Sealed. Designed to get through a lunch shift.
  • May 2018: Added Camera port access, Stylus retention
  • June 2018: Added Velcro to outside for Menu, Card Reader retention
  • June 2019: Added Foam Shell for 9.7 and 10.2 iPads
  • June 2019: Added Cooling Material, now 6.5 oz
  • June 2019: Added External Hard Shell for Impact protection
  • May 2020: Major Update: New chassis with Speed Slots for Accessories
  • May 2020: Custom fit 8 oz IceBloq, Made in USA, biodegradable cooling material upgrade. Cooling power increased by nearly 50%.
  • June 2020: Slide out tray for IceBloq replacement
  • June 2020: Multi-size internal Foam adapters to accommodate various iPad sizes in same case
  • May 2021: Added Sunshield with 3M DualLock velcro attachment to Speed Slots
  • July 2021: New Retaining loops for Strap Kits
  • August 2021: Upgraded chassis material for greater impact protection, durability
  • August 2021: Upgraded IceBloq filling, corking, capping mechanism to eliminate possibility of leakage when mishandled
  • February 2022: Upgraded foam to nylon adapter inserts for security of iPad fit and protection when dropped
  • March 2022: Added magnetic SunShield for ease of use
  • April 2022: Added hand/wrist strap for simple one-handed carry
  • June 2022: Added foam insulation to chassis for enhanced cooling power
  • August 2022: Upgraded slide-out tray with one-piece IceBloq/tray combination for security and curability
  • August 2022: Added retention bump on inside of Chassis for IceBloq security 
  • August 2022: Upgraded SunShield peg system to enclose magnets

Today’s IceCase is a multi-purpose powerhouse that will cool/heat and protect your iPad investment better than anything else on the market.

…and we are not done yet! Innovate, Iterate, and Communicate - that’s how you Build a SuperHuman Future.

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