IceVents® AIWB Holster Pad (T.Rex Arms Glock 19 Sidecar 2.0)
IceVents® AIWB Holster Pad (T.Rex Arms Glock 19 Sidecar 2.0)
IceVents® AIWB Holster Pad (T.Rex Arms Glock 19 Sidecar 2.0)

IceVents® AIWB Holster Pad (T.Rex Arms Glock 19 Sidecar 2.0)

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IceVents® AIWB Holster Pad is 100% made in the USA from US materials


IceVents AIWB Holster Pad

Making AIWB Comfortable…for the first time.

Our abdomens, no matter how many salads we eat, are simply not a great match for the hard edges and angles of a high quality appendix inside-the-waistband (AIWB) holster. Traditional foam and neoprene pads can blunt the edges, but they are hot and sweaty (they are used as insulation after all). This is a suboptimal outcome at best. Enter the newest member of the IceVents® family: the IceVents® AIWB Holster Pad for the T.Rex Arms Sidecar 2.0 concealed carry holster. The IceVents® AIWB Holster Pad brings our proven IceVents® technology from deployments overseas to everyday carry for the first time ever. Appendix carry has never felt this good.

IceVents® AIWB Holster Pad comes in one footprint: Glock 19 with or without Streamlight TLR-7 + Pistol Mag Attachment (the same footprint accommodates Sidecar 2.0s with or without the TLR-7), Right Hand Draw. 

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1. Length 8 inches
2. Width 6.75 inches
3. Height 0.32 inches
Weight 1.4 oz
Like plate carriers, IceVents® are not FR rated


1 x IceVents® AIWB Holster Pad (Glock 19 with or without Streamlight TLR-7 + Pistol Mag Attachment), Right Hand Draw



[ FAQ ]

Q: Is your IceVents material hard and rigid?
A: Not at all. Click here to watch a YouTube Short that shows how IceVents achieve a magical balance of soft, and structural.

Q: Why did you only make the IceVents® AIWB Holster pad for the T.Rex Arms Sidecar 2.0 for Glock 19 + Reload, with or without Streamlight TLR-7?
A: Scale. IceVents® are an ultra-premium technology that requires a certain scale to manufacture. T.Rex Arms and the Glock 19 + Reload with or without Streamlight TLR-7 have the scale necessary for IceVents® production. The Glock 19 is the VAST majority of the handgun market and it isn’t even close.

Q: Will this fit the OG 1.0 T-Rex Arms Sidecar?
A: Unknown. T.Rex Arms only sent us Sidecar 2.0 holsters in the Glock 19 + Reload, with and without Streamlight TLR-7 footprint since these are their two best selling models (or at least they were when they sent us the holsters for this project in 3Q21).

Q: Will you make these for older T-Rex Arms holsters?
A: Possibly. Depends on demand. 

Q: Doesn’t an IceVents® AIWB Holster Pad reduce the modularity of the Sidecar 2.0 since it adds a step to switching out attachments?
A: Yes, adding an IceVents® AIWB Holster Pad to your T.Rex Arms Sidecar 2.0 will add a minute or two to switching out attachments. This makes the price of admission for comfort minimal. An important thing to remember about modularity is that like MOLLE, we mostly (not always) use it to “set and forget.” It is a tool we use to customize our gear to our personal preferences. However, we rarely use modularity to change formats with any frequency. Frequent changes to kit is problematic to developing strong muscle memory.

Q: Will you make this for Glock 17s?
A: Possibly, depends on demand. 

Q: Will you make this for M18s?
A: When the reliability and quality control issues are addressed, then possibly.

Q: Will you make this for Sig Sauer P320 w/x300 or P365?
A: Possibly when the reliability and quality control issues are addressed.

Q: Can this fit a T.Rex Arms Sidecar 2.0 without the spare mag and just the belt clip?
A: No. Our mounting system needs the screws on both sides to mount securely. That said, we did make the other side out of hook-receptive loop, so you can try an adhesive-backed Velcro hack should you so desire, but we didn’t design it that way and have never tried it ourselves. 

Q: Will you make this for LAS Concealment Ronin 3.0s, Tier 1 Concealed, QVO Tactical or any other AIWB holster?
A: If another company contacts us and it makes business sense, sure. For now, the IceVents AIWB Holster Pad for the T.Rex Arms Sidecar 2.0 is the only IceVents AIWB Holster Pad we make.

Q: Is the IceVents® AIWB Holster Pad compatible with LAS Concealment Ronin 3.0s, Tier 1 Concealed, or QVO Tactical?
A: We designed the IceVents® AIWB Holster Pad specifically for the T.Rex Arms Sidecar 2.0. We have not tried to fit it to any other holster, but there is a reasonable probability it could fit holsters from other manufacturers if the dimensions and screw placement match that of the Sidecar 2.0 in Glock 19 + Reload footprint. 

Q: Will it fit a wedge?
A: Yes. While it depends on the dims of your specific wedge, there is 0.5” of clearance to add wedge if you’d like. It can be secured using the hook-receptive loop backing on the IceVents® AIWB Holster Pad.

Q: Will this fit with the T-Rex Arms Sidecar 2.0 Tourniquet Attachment?
A: Yes. Demo video below:


For bulk Corporate/Unit/Agency orders of 100+ units or to request a quote, please click here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Ethan A. (Riverside, US)
This is life changing

I actually use this product on my shield 9 but I am planning on getting another one for my Glock 19 and adding a TLR7 to my firearm. I can comfortably carry apendix for at least 14 hours straight and I love it. I hope this product continues to advance the industry and concealed carry. PLEASE CONTINUE TO MANUFACTURE THESE PRODUCTS!

Austin Smith (Ellensburg, US)
Awsome Product

Bought the Ice Vent for my 19x holster. Works great with a mag option, as well as the TQ attachment with no modifications. Hope they make it for the Sig P365xl in the future.

Jake Rose (Garland, US)
A handy and comfortable add-on to my EDC

Installation was incredibly easy, even though it wasn't meant for my setup. I run a 365XL with a tourniquet holder and the only change I had to make was to run a ziptie through the hole on the left side of the pad and through the top hole of the tourniquet holder. It is incredibly comfortable and most importantly, it has stopped a frequent issue I've had with rust building up on my mag release. A great product that protects my gun and also allows me to conceal it with even more comfort!

Colten Wright
Instagram Handle: dyslexicwright
Good product needs work

It's very comfortable setup is a Glock gen 3 19 with a x300u and a tourniquet sidecar I'd recommend it to any Southern especially the ones that like going commando in these 110⁰ summers, if your running a Tourniquet and at the time of my purchase they did not make one for that holster but it will work you just need to supply your own hardware, definitely better hardware than what I used but I made due with what I had on hand, the only major problem I have with this and might be a result of the x300, but I'm pretty sure the belt claws are in roughly the same place I have to cut a good chunk out of the upper corner to follow the contour of the holster by the grip, because it was in the way of my middle finger getting around the grip, over all I think it's a good product but it still in it's infancy and needs some more refinement or at least more models need to be available.

David (Tenino, US)
Increases comfort immensely

I've been waiting for something like this for awhile. Works wonders when running AIWB with no undershirt. It DOES cause the system to protrude / print a bit more though... Just be aware of that.

John smith
Improved comfort w/ slight mod

This is a great idea and it has give me the ability to wear my side car during long rucks and hikes or just outside in the heat. My only complaint is the material impedes my draw because it gets in the way of my purchase on the pistol when I draw. I used some scissors and a razor blade to cut away some material and now I can draw quickly while maintaining comfort. Big improvement.

Joe Torrez (Manor, US)
Great addition!

The icevents AIWB was a great addition for my sidecar 2.0.

Albert Bui (Allentown, US)
For SideCar 2.0 owners, this is a necessity for prolonged use.

I've owned a SideCar for almost 6 months since it first launched. I realized when I'm working while bending over my stomach is getting stabbed by the holster. With the IceVents on the SideCar, the pain is gone. Granted, you would have to pay attention with the configuration of the holster since pad is meant to be used in the default spare mag configuration. But it worked out for me. Get one if you can, it's worth it.

Brian O'Mara
Instagram Handle: briancomara
Icevents AIWB Universal Fit Holster Pad

This product may be design speficically for a T.Rex Arms AIWB, however It should work flawlessly with almost all married AIWB holsters. I put it on my Knightfall Customs Married AIWB for Glock 17.

Install was fine. I was able to use 2 of the factory drilled holes in Icevent on this holster but I did have to make my own hole on the gun side to make it work(see photos).

functionality: I have noticed it does cause the entire holster to stick out more, however, It does not protude enough to be problematic. everything fits in the belt fine.

The holster feels AMAZING. My pubic region used to feel so hot after carrying all day. I now just do not feel hot. I am excited to keep buying!


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